Digital Innovation


Tech Innovators 2014: Essentia Analytics for fund manager behaviour patterns

Essentia Analytics has built a platform for fund managers that examines historical trade and identifies behavioural patterns to help identify what they are good at, and what is preventing better performance.


Tech Innovators 2014: LyteSpark takes on the digital conferencing giants

Not content with the services on offer when it came to video conferencing, Alex Hunte has set up LyteSpark to bring all facets of the online meeting together.


Tech Innovators 2013: my1login

Ever wanted a solution to the countless login and password combinations that are the norm with today's internet? Scottish business my1login has produced the answer.


Tech Innovators 2013: Mediamano

The UK and Spain both have highly motivated and creative workforces – something Mediamano is taking advantage of.


Tech Innovators 2013: MoPowered

Despite being at the early stages of its growth evolution, MoPowered has already set its sights on a London listing on AIM.


Tech Innovators 2013: Shopbox

Danish entrepreneur Christian Zigler is onto his latest venture and views London as the ultimate destination for Shopbox.


Tech Innovators 2013: PIE Mapping

The London Olympics acted as a touch paper for PIE Mapping, a business which can claim to be part of the Games legacy that has been spoken about so much.


Tech Innovators 2013: SocialSafe

Julian Ranger is passionate about his SocialSafe venture, which is looking to put the power back into the hands of the consumer when it comes to personal data.