Digital Innovation

PR and Marketing Strategy

How to make your online virtual event a success – 6 top tips

Accountancy software Intuit QuickBooks had to yank its annual QuickBook Connect event days before it went live because of coronavirus. Alicia Skubick had just three weeks to put together an online replacement.


How digital adoption can give you a competitive advantage

Too often companies introduce expensive new software into an organisation without providing much support for staff getting to grips with it. Help your employees to get the best out of tech if you want them to leverage it


Women in innovation: What does being a female innovator look like?

A unique photo series profiles gender diversity in innovation, spearheaded by Innovate UK and Getty Images. Take a look.


The UK’s most inspiring digital entrepreneurs

Here are the five most inspiring digital entrepreneurs of 2017 who are changing the digital world for the better.


How tech has transformed this building firm’s project management

ITC Concepts is a 25-year-old construction company that recently implemented a host of business tools that have transformed the business. MD Ian Conway writes.


Why the future is digital with a human touch

Technology is rewriting the rulebook for human interaction, says Standard Chartered Bank’s Group CIO, Dr Michael Gorriz.


Open banking: what fintech firms need to know

Stuart Waterman, Strategist at Mint Digital, user experience delivery partner for Nesta’s Open Up Challenge, looks at the opportunities around Open Banking and the necessity for fintechs to consider user experience alongside technology to ensure that they drive innovation that is useable and useful for the end customer.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Digital transformation: why your website is your centre of operations

Alchemy Digital's Will Morris explains the evolving role of websites in an age where a digital approach is a necessity.

Human Resources

“Diversity will make or break business success in future,” says HR expert

From repositioning enterprise technology to work as intuitively as consumer apps, to implementing wide-reaching initiative for countering unconscious biases, SAP UK's Tom Loeffert explains how to retain and engage millennials; the largest faction of the workforce.

Financial Management

Digitisation and skills upgrade are the top priorities for CFOs

CFOs place emphasis on digital transformation and up-skilling staff this year.


Digital transformation trends to watch in the future

Digital transformation is no longer a buzzword and every day becomes more of a reality, but technology alone can't help. Mindtree's Krishnakumar Natarajan writes.


Do mid-sized businesses suffer from ‘middle-child syndrome’?

Phil Keoghan, CEO at Ricoh UK and Ireland explains why the UK needs to back ‘middle businesses’ struggling to achieve their full potential.