The Venturers Club

Join the free networking group for the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs and learn from the best.

The 75 founding members of the Venturers Club have been handpicked based on their achievements and their commitment to nurturing the UK’s entrepreneurial community.

Venturers Club recognises the characteristics that we believe define the very best entrepreneurs.

Do you have what it takes to be a Venturer?

Every great business has a compelling story behind it. Venturers turn their frustration with the status quo into passion for improving the lives and experience of customers. Listen to their passion.

A tenacious spirit carries Venturers through the toughest of times, as they run into headwinds trying to disrupt business sectors, transforming customer experience for the better. Learn from their tenacity.

Venturers do things differently rather than blindly following norms and conventions. They find new ways of doing what’s been done before. Get inspired by their stories.

Sometimes tenacity and creativity are not enough. You need to be flexible enough to pivot from your original idea if the market says no. Know when to be agile.

Going it alone can be hard. Venturers Club members have been selected based on how much they give back to the entrepreneur community. Let other Venturers support you.

Positive purpose
Venturers recognise the people less fortunate than themselves. Community spirit, philanthropy and giving back set them apart. The more you give out, the more you receive.

Enjoy the benefits of joining the Venturers Club:

  • Network with other entrepreneurs and get free business advice from professional advisers
  • Complimentary membership of exclusive West End members club Home Grown, worth nearly £2,000 if you’re picked to become a Venturer
  • A confidential space to share experience and learn from the best

A unique and exclusive network of the UK’s successful entrepreneurs.


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