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Company Flotations

Here’s how you undertake an IPO in the UK in the best way

Floating your company on the stock market is a complex process, but get it right and it'll pay dividends

PR and Marketing Strategy

Five micro-influencers that could boost your business

Generation Z relates to online influencers more so than traditional celebrities. Here's five of the best technology micro-influencers for your tech brand to work with


Are you a Ma or Musk? How to fine-tune your management style

Deciding on a management style can be difficult - which one do you go for? I explore two different methods to help you choose.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Top digital marketing trends for 2019

Voice search and personalisation are set to drive digital marketing decision making in 2019, according to experts.

Venture Capital Funding

Money transfer firm TransferGo raises new Series B funding

The firm will use the new funding to increase its market share in existing markets and boost its international expansion.

Venture Capital Funding

WaveOptics makes largest AR fundraise of the year

Abingdon-based firm secures investment lead by Octopus Ventures, which believes AR could be bigger than the iPhone.


Here’s where CEOs and VCs get their business news from

We speak to a range of company founders and VCs on where they get their business news from and why they choose particular outlets.


Mettrr founder on taking on Squarespace and navigating angel investors

The former equity derivatives trader is heading into the US market to take on Squarespace and Wix with his automated website builder.


Currency exchange firm using blockchain to speed up payments

Users will be able to track their money, from when it leaves their account to when it lands in the recipient’s account.

Venture Capital Funding

VC interview: Benoit Wirz and Alex Spiro, Brighteye Ventures

Benoit Wirz and Alex Spiro, BrightEye partners, talk through the fundamentals of what edtech companies the firm is looking to invest in.

Exit Strategies

What is a drag along covenant?

This increasingly common clause in shareholder agreements can have a huge effect on majority and minority shareholders' fortunes.


Yanis Varoufakis says Brexit deal is the worst of all possible outcomes

The former Greek finance minister on why Brexit is bad for business and why developed countries could learn from Singapore.