Future Technology


Bots and bites: Just Eat reveals what’s next in food tech

At a food tech showcase event in Shoreditch, London, online food delivery platform, Just Eat presented the company's five key areas for growth, from delivery bots to customer care AI.


Sound-based AI and the future of smart home security

The human ear can easily tell the difference between a flatmate fumbling for the keys in a stupor and an actual break-in. But according to Cocoon's Sanjay Parekh, artificial intelligence can take that a step further. Parekh tells GrowthBusiness how Cocoon is shaking up the home security market.

Human Resources

Why telerobotics is the future of talent scouting

Telerobotics can herald the ultimate laissez-faire labour market, according to Richard Baldwin in his new book on globalisation, The Great Convergence.

Alternative Finance for Business

The world’s first robot chef is crowdfunding

The robot kitchen that cooks, serves and cleans up after itself is crowdfunding on Seedrs for an early launch in 2018.


4 future automotive trends to expect from today’s IP data

From cross-poaching top talent from the tech sector to the latest in passenger safety, here are the top trends in automotive IP data analytics reveals.


Why can’t we let go of old tech?

Aurecon’s Sam Dungey explains why archaic tools persevere despite our technological march forward.


Five key technology trends businesses must embrace

John Cooke, managing director at Black Pepper Software investigates the technology trends which will take the business world by storm and why companies must embrace emerging technology to avoid becoming industry laggards.


‘Purpose-driven’ organisations to dominate future marketplace, finds report

Creative business school Hyper Island releases list of future trends across business and technology.


Selfies, saunas and royal planes: My day with David Cameron and 8 Nordic and Baltic prime ministers

Last week I flew to Helsinki with David Cameron as part of a UK delegation of five cleantech and education experts speaking at the Northern Future Forum (NFF).


Energy transition, 3D printing and ‘smart’ fabrics hailed as growth drivers for next 20 years

UK scientists and experts have identified what they think will be the developing technologies generating the most growth.


Paul Birch on ‘gamification’

Tech investor Paul Birch, who co-founded Bebo with his brother and sister-in-law, reveals in a Q&A with why the future is all about 'gamification'.


Let’s restart the century 

It's a new year, new decade and the UK is stumbling out of recession.