Future Technology


Government to invest £250m into AI

Rishi Sunak believes AI is having as big an effect as the Industrial Revolution


Can traders rely on Twitter for investment decisions?

A new algorithm helps traders tap into Twitter to predict the stock market. Here's how.


Digital tailors and memory curators: 21 jobs of the future revealed

Jobs from our parents’ generation may in time seem ridiculous to our children, says futurist.

Human Resources

5 hot trends shaping the future of HR assessment

From gamification to people analytics, here are the hottest HR assessment trends to prepare for in 2018 and beyond.


Is there a case for backing British robotics start-ups?

Earlier this week, Britbots announced the launch of its second robotics seed fund as the sector starts to pick up the pace. Founder Dominic Keen believes 2018 is the year to back British robotics.


Can raising customer expectations kill companies?

Steven Van Bellegham, technology expert and author of Customers the Day After Tomorrow, talks to Davy Kestens about the future of customer expectations.


The crypto-currency club: how to join and why

With the focus of crypto-currency turning to its longevity, we take a look back at its history and how and why you should invest in bitcoin.


Dating apps setting the agenda for digital innovation

Amit Jay Shah, CEO of HIROLA Group, explores how dating apps are on the cutting edge of digital innovation.


Taxing the robots – far sighted or fanciful?

Rohit Talwar, Steve Wells and Alexandra Whittington from Fast Future, discuss the potential to tax robots in the future.


Skills of the future: 10 skills you’ll need to thrive in 2020

A new age of work requires a new set of skills to thrive and be productive. Here’s an infographic on the top ten skills you need to thrive in 2020.


Business by the year 2050: Robot co-workers and four hour days?

Findings of a new report that looks even further into the future and predict how the world of work and business will look in 2050.


Game of Drones: Which industry will take the throne?

The drone industry is predicted to boom into a $100 billion market, and by 2030, over one billion drones could be flying through cities. Which industry will make the most out of this technology?