Future Technology


How restaurants can use augmented reality to cash in

New research from McGill University reveals that augmented reality apps increase the profits of restaurants in gaming hotspots.


Will AI steal all our jobs?

Artificial intelligence will create more jobs than it replaces. Gareth Davies of Kwiziq explains why AI enhanced education could be the key.


Should you be worried about being replaced by a robot?

New research looks at the way technology is changing the workplace and analyses if workers should fear for their jobs.


Exciting tech innovation start-ups you should be aware of

Technology has become part of today's modern business. Innogy's Kate Jack explores the biggest tech innovations of 2017


Tapping into top tech talent: Is the UK struggling with internal openness?

With Brexit not far off, how can business leaders ensure the UK continues to retain and attract top talent? Adecco's Federico Vione explores.

Human Resources

Artificial intelligence and automation: can we plug the skills gap?

Can we compete against the rising tide of AI and automation? New research suggests we might not be able to plug the skills gap in the future.


Will drones change the future of business mail?

Company's like Amazon are already testing their drone delivery service, which could revolutionise the future of business mail.


Why the future is digital with a human touch

Technology is rewriting the rulebook for human interaction, says Standard Chartered Bank’s Group CIO, Dr Michael Gorriz.


Designing cities of the future: press reset, not replay

Designing cities of the future will require a lot of foresight and collaboration. Most importantly, it will force governments, developers and engineers to place sustainability at its core.


From science fiction to Camden: finger vein ID firm Sthaler on going mainstream

Sthaler's hack-proof biometric payment system uses vein ID that is fuzzy matched, encrypted and stored in a military-grade safety level security data warehouse. Here's how this technology is breaking into hospitality and retail.


The top tech trends to watch in 2017

With the end of 2016 in sight, Xero's Gary Turner shares his top three tech trend predictions for growing businesses in 2017.


Your next takeaway may be delivered by a robot

After five months of rigorous testing, the Just Eat delivery droids are now live in Greenwich, marking a world first and opening up the global delivery industry for further automation.