The world’s first robot chef is crowdfunding

The robot kitchen that cooks, serves and cleans up after itself is crowdfunding on Seedrs for an early launch in 2018.

Rather than digital natives, baby boomers who grew up watching shows like Star Trek and The Jetsons may be more familiar with the idea of an automated kitchen capable of replicating dishes by the likes of Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver.

London-based Moley Robotics has already created the world’s first fully-automated and integrated intelligent cooking robot, and is now turning to the crowd for funding through a campaign on Seedrs.

Moley’s robot will bring unlimited access to chefs and their recipes from all over the world to the average kitchen, with an added benefit: it learns recipes, prepares and cooks them and cleans up after itself.

“Imagine you are buying a flat and the option is to have a regular kitchen or a robotic kitchen, it is clear which option you would choose. The success of our prototype makes us very excited, the future is very near,” says founder Mark Oleynik.

The robot is designed to faithfully reproduce the movements of a human hand to cook anything a human chef can. The kitchen itself comprises of the cabinetry, robotic part, motion capture system, and a full set of equipment and appliances, with two highly complex, fully articulated hands at the core of the unit.

The hashtag #foodporn on social media pulls up hundreds of millions of images and recipes on any given day. This is why the Moley Robotics team also envisage a “share and sell” feature for users to promote their own recipes in a global digital library, alongside recipes from professional chefs.

Moley’s prototype debuted at CES Shanghai in May 2015, where it was voted ‘Best of the Best.’ Since then, the team has been working on the production prototype model for launch in 2018.

Moley Robotics is seeking £1 million from its Seedrs campaign, with the dream of bringing the self-cooking robot kitchen to consumers everywhere.

All Seedrs’ pledgers are promised exclusive early access to purchase the Moley Kitchen and an opportunity to shape the technology and online recipes. Each level of pledges receive extra support and behind-the-scene access to the technology.

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda was Editor for from 2016 to 2018.