How to improve employee engagement

High employee engagement has been proven to reduce staff turnover, improve productivity, boost workplace happiness and deliver higher profits

Some define employee engagement as the measure of an employee’s personal investment in their job. Gallup, a global analytics and advice firm, defines it as, “involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace”.

Others think it’s how well an employee understands their role, work and organisation, and if they actively work to fulfil the organisation’s goal. Whatever definition you want to go with, employee engagement is much more than just a nice-to-have.

Its importance can’t be overstated. High employee engagement has been proven to reduce staff turnover, improve productivity and efficiency, enhance customer service, boost workplace happiness and retention, and deliver higher profits.

Gallup estimates low employee engagement costs the global economy £6.7 trillion per year. Ultimately, having an engaged team makes running a business easier, and enables everyone to focus on innovation, process improvement and development.

In a nutshell, having engaged employees simply gives you a seriously competitive advantage and is vital to business success.

How do you improve employee engagement?

Have aligned values

Help your employees find a connection between what they do and what matters to them. A good company mission statement goes beyond achieving high turnover and growth figures or becoming a market leader. Research shows that employees like working for organisations that have a positive impact on society.

They’re even prepared to sacrifice their salaries to work for organisations like this. When your corporate mission statement makes it clear that contributing to society is a priority, your employees are able to see how their work is part of their personal mission. This helps them to identify with the company.

Motivate people

Motivated employees are engaged employees, and job satisfaction and engagement go hand-in-hand. You can improve job satisfaction by doing things like being flexible about tasks, giving employees autonomy and encouraging self-confidence.

This, combined with creating a culture and environment that values employees’ feedback and ideas, will enable people to establish skills and go from strength to strength.

Manage resources

Practical matters like time and money also play a role. Employees who feel underpaid or have too much work on their plate, are more likely to throw in the towel. Consider rewarding employees with time (extra hours off or paid leave) or money such as bonuses.

In addition, handing out shares to employees is an effective way to cultivate engagement. This way, they won’t just feel that they’re invested in the success of the company, they actually will be – in a very financial way.

Every generation of workers wants meaningful work and the Millennial and Gen Z generations taking over the workforce now are no different. There is a difference between Millennials and previous generations in their willingness to quit jobs that don’t deliver a meaningful experience.

Competitive employers vying for the best talent know they must display and demonstrate that high employee engagement is a must-have. Those who care about employee wellbeing and foster a strong sense of belonging and purpose will be rewarded with improved retention, intrinsic motivation, and job satisfaction.

If you’re currently re-evaluating your career options or searching for a company culture that works for you, head to the Growth Business job board to explore lots of open roles at employee-engaged companies, like the three below.

Head of EMA Growth, BNY Mellon, London/hybrid

Why work here: BNY Mellon offers an exciting array of future-forward careers at the intersection of business, finance and technology.

About the role: The head of EMEA growth will lead the team that drives revenue for double-digit growth clients in the EMEA region, across client sectors. You’ll need extensive experience in global leadership, or account management in the financial services industry, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in business or a related discipline, or equivalent work experience.

Worth noting: BNY Mellon offers highly competitive compensation and benefits rooted in a pay-for-performance philosophy along with generous paid leave, and excellent wellbeing programmes. Its inclusive culture has netted awards such as Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies and Top 20 for Diversity and Inclusion.

Find out more details on this exciting opportunity or explore all open roles at BNY Mellon.

Senior Performance Analyst, Sky, Leeds

Why work here: Sky is one of Europe’s leading media and entertainment brands, priding itself on creating an inclusive workplace where teams have everything they need to design products, create TV, deliver the best customer service and more.

About the role: As a senior performance analyst, you will provide detailed insights on customer behaviour for a range of online and offline channels. You will use data in driving forward strategic initiatives and making informed data-driven decisions.

Worth noting: Sky takes particular pride in its approach to diversity and inclusion and has been recognised by The Times and Stonewall. It has committed £30m to support the fight against racial injustice, and set ambitious targets for increasing ethnic diversity and representation.

You can apply for this role now, or discover more roles at Sky here.

Digital Data Engineer, Bauer Media Group, London

Why work here: As the UK’s biggest selling magazine publisher, Bauer Media creates iconic and influential magazine media brands, digital properties and associated consumer and B2B live events.

About the role: The digital data engineer will work on diverse sources from data ingestion to marketing strategy, and blend them to create insights for their brands and consumers. You will have experience in SQL and the ability to interpret large datasets; experience of using BI and analytics platforms, and will need to be a problem solver with a flexible attitude.

Worth noting: Bauer Media is open to flexible working arrangements. Rewards packages include access to learning programmes, thrive initiatives, opportunity to buy additional holidays as well as group discounts for healthcare insurance. Bauer is a driving force behind the “Where’s your head at?” campaign, working to put Mental Health First Aiders on an equal footing with traditional workplace First Aiders.

Further information on this role is available, or check out all opportunities at Bauer Media.

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Suzie Coen is a Dublin-based writer contributing on behalf of Jobbio.

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