Employee Engagement

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5 reasons incentive schemes fail

Richard Ellis of AVC Wise shares his thoughts on how to make your employee benefits scheme work for your business.


How to improve employee engagement

High employee engagement has been proven to reduce staff turnover, improve productivity, boost workplace happiness and deliver higher profits

Exit Strategies

Is employee ownership right for your small business?

Employee ownership is on the rise – should your business join the trend?


Entrepreneur interview: Matt Turner, managing director of Clownfish Events

Matt Turner, MD of events company Clownfish Events on the importance of diversifying your brand to grow sales.


How technology is redefining the relationship between businesses and employees

John Coldicutt, chief commercial officer of Planday on how a more flexible solution to shift work can help boost staff retention.

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How to choose a summer party theme to strengthen your culture and employee brand

Matt Turner, the founder and MD of Clownfish Events on how different brands can create the best summer party for their employees.

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How to keep staff engaged and loyal to your business

JourneyHR's Aliya Vigor-Robertson highlights how to keep your employees engaged and loyal to your business.

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Boost employee loyalty in 3 steps

Great leaders know that improving employee engagement has a significant impact on business performance. Here are three ways to boost employee loyalty.

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How video content can drive employee engagement

As an entrepreneur, keeping your staff engaged is pivotal to the success of your company. Here is how video content can help you.


Bringing employee benefits to SMEs: Untangl

Armed with a unified vision to bring smaller businesses similar competitive employee benefits as large corporations, Richard Stewart and Steve Carter set up Untangl, fleshing it out from a blank idea to fully functioning technology platform in just a little over a year.

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Employee benefits aren’t just for large corporates

Richard Stewart is the co-founder and CEO of Untangl explains how smaller businesses can offer just as much to their employees.


Driving growth through employee engagement

You will often hear experts says that good people make a business: in this piece, in association with HSBC, we explore what that really means for SMEs.