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5 of the best UK tech job opportunities this week

Microsoft and Airbnb are looking for tech specialists as Jobbio rounds up this week’s picks from the UK tech job market


5 sales and marketing tech jobs this week

A sales or marketing function can be one of the best ways for skilled professionals to make a sideways move into a tech firm, says Kirstie McDermott


The UK tech jobs that pay six figures

In the past year, the average salary for UK tech workers of all levels was £81,893.


10 best-funded UK fintechs to work at right now

For those who have found themselves in an environment of shifting sands, a job move to a fintech with a good cushion of funding can be a holy grail career goal, says Jobbio’s Kirstie McDermott.


5 great tech jobs this week

There has been a significant surge in demand for software developers and engineers as financial and banking firms continue to invest in tech, says Jobbio's Sarah Kiely Lavelle


5 in demand UK tech jobs

Which tech jobs are growing in demand in the UK and which companies are hiring for them?


3 jobs at fast-growing UK start-ups

Growth areas within AI, cyber security and financial support show continued promise for career opportunity, says Jobbio’s Aisling O’Toole


This week’s top 5 tech jobs

Have experience with DevOps, AI or Python? Here are the top tech jobs available this week


3 UK tech jobs at high-growth companies

Sought-after specialities at fast-growing tech companies include web development, AI and machine learning, mobile development and user experience, says Jobbio's Kirstie McDermott


4 fast-growing fintechs hiring now

The fintech sector is ripe with opportunity and there are currently more than 2,500 fintech companies across the UK to choose from, says Jobbio’s Aoibhinn McBride


5 senior fintech roles hiring this week

While London remains a superhub within the sector, one third of all fintech opportunities exist outside the capital, making the UK a true global innovator.

Alternative Finance for Business

This week’s jobs in alternative finance

A number of blockchain hubs are emerging in the UK – and plenty of opportunity, says Jobbio’s Kirstie McDermott