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What’s in the new Windows 10 creators update for the surface hub

Microsoft have just launched a major update for the Surface Hub which is a culmination of months of listening to the huge amount of feedback provided by their customers. It includes a vast amount of new features, all highly requested by regular users for the Surface Hub.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Do you want your pop up banner to be truly effective?

We’ve all seen how pop up banners and pull up banners have been used in a variety of events, occasions, and purposes, from product launches to the promotion of new shops to letting visitors know about a company at trade shows and exhibitions. But what do you really know about designing an effective pop up banner?

Financial Management

Is it worth investing in electric cars for car leasing?

The car market is changing. With scandal over diesel emissions, the introduction of Ultra-low emission zones in our cities and the price of fuel fluctuating, people are hoping for real alternatives. This is why we have seen a steady increase in demand for electric cars.


Utilising a take home pay calculator as a contractor

If you’ve just started out as a contractor then understanding the ins and outs may take some time to get used to.

Human Resources

What is Cisco Spark Board?

With a plethora of awards already to its name, the Cisco Spark Board is revolutionising the way that teams work together on projects and cooperate in meetings.

Alternative Finance for Business

Investing in a start up business

Start up businesses offer all kinds of opportunities that more established companies don’t, as long as you are aware of the risks.

Human Resources

Creative tactics to recruit the best talent for your business

Your employees can help you build a profitable business or delay your progress. Many business owners consider their clients as their most important asset while the reality is that employees are the greatest assets.


Will drones change the future of business mail?

Company's like Amazon are already testing their drone delivery service, which could revolutionise the future of business mail.

Growth Planning

5 expansion tips that help you to boost your business faster

Entrepreneurs all around the globe, small or large want to expand their business from the existing level. When an entrepreneur initiates a business, he makes every possible effort to make it a success.

Human Resources

Coworking: Alternative workspace for entrepreneurs

One of the greatest challenges that entrepreneurs face when starting a new business is accessing enough capital. Entrepreneurs have a passion for implementing their business ideas but lacking the capital required to set up their businesses.

Human Resources

Creating the perfect working environment

Positive workplaces should always foster productivity, excellence, and camaraderie. With this in mind, business owners and managers must pay close attention to co-worker dynamics, office design, and company culture to ensure employees are content and in the mood to produce their best work

Alternative Finance for Business

Alternative property finance options

Property finance has been around for many years with mortgages being taken out across the UK as borrowers capitalise on very low interest rates.