Creative tactics to recruit the best talent for your business

Your employees can help you build a profitable business or delay your progress. Many business owners consider their clients as their most important asset while the reality is that employees are the greatest assets.

Your employees determine how resources including time are utilised in your business. They handle your most important clients and determine if lead conversion strategies are implemented successfully. Hence, working with top talents will give you a competitive advantage and ensure that you meet your business goals.

1. Build your brand image and reputation

The top talents in the job market have invested a lot of time and effort to build their skills level. Such talents are looking for reputable brands to work with and grow their skills further. Build a positive brand image and reputation both offline and online. Do not wait until your business grows to build your brand image. As you increase your visibility to your online and offline audience, top talents will take notice of your business as a potential employer.

2. Create a good working environment

Every employee is looking for a great place to work and connect with other professionals. Create that place in your business for your current employees. Change the outlook of your office space if you must to ensure that it is comfortable for your employees.

Create a company culture that enables employees to build healthy relationships with one another. Be accessible and available to connect with your employees as well. Great relationships at the workplace encourage the best talents to stay in the same institution for years.

3. Involve your current employees

If your employees are comfortable and happy to work for your business, they will talk about it with their connections. Their friends could be the top talents you have been trying to get with no success.

Encourage them to refer top talents to your business and reward them for referring valuable employees. Listen to your employees’ complaints and suggestions to improve the working environment.

They will not invite their friends or former schoolmates to your business if they do not consider you as the best employer.

4. Utilize the internet fully

The current generation of employees spends hours on the internet looking for the best opportunities. Identify the most competitive online platforms where top talents have shared their profiles. Post new opportunities on such platforms and respond to applications from the best talents. Do not ignore social platforms.

Some of your current followers could the best talents in the market looking for a new job. Build a reputable brand on social media and interact with your followers. Again, make use of recruitment software to enlist the kind of employees you want to bring on board.

5. Reach out to top talents

Be proactive in reaching out to the best talents especially online. If you are building a new brand in a competitive industry, chances of getting applications from top talents are low. The best talents keep sending applications to established brands hoping to be considered for top positions. Check the contacts that top talents provide on their online profiles and start communicating with them.

Give them time to evaluate your business and build trust in your brand. Soon, you will start receiving calls and applications from some of those talents.

6. Invest in employee development

Top achievers are always looking for new challenges and setting higher goals for their careers. If the best talents are going to consider your business as a potential employer, you must create challenging tasks and projects for them.

Invest in employee training and development. Promote your employees after a consistent high performance. Avoid assigning them repetitive tasks or processes. They will soon lose interest and start looking for a challenging work environment.

You push your business to a higher level of productivity and growth as you create greater challenges for your employees.

7. Organise job fairs and social events

If you have been depending on large organisations to organise job fairs for you to market your business, you need to change your strategy. Start organising your events and market them on all platforms. You do not have to incur a high cost at the start.

A small charity event or community project may introduce your business to top talents. An evening networking event in your area will attract the best talents. Collect data on such events and start building a strong network with the attendees. You will not only improve your visibility but also have a chance to interact with top talents.

Attracting the best talents to your business requires you to make your business stand out as the best potential employer. As you implement the suggested ways to attract the best talents, do not forget your current employers.

Your current team may turn into the best talents in the market if you invest in their growth and development. Identify and implement strategies that will keep them committed to your business’ success and growth while helping them to grow their careers.

Jon Sumner

Jon Sumner

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