What’s in the new Windows 10 creators update for the surface hub

Microsoft have just launched a major update for the Surface Hub which is a culmination of months of listening to the huge amount of feedback provided by their customers. It includes a vast amount of new features, all highly requested by regular users for the Surface Hub.

This is great news for any customers of the Surface Hub who have been waiting eagerly for these features, Microsoft have listened and are dedicating to providing regular updates all while listening to their user base.

Viju take a look into this new update for the Surface Hub and see what features they’ve included.

Integration with Office 365

With this update, a huge part of it was to make usability of the Surface Hub much easier to understand and work with. So to achieve this, Microsoft has made it so that users can sign-in into their Office 365 accounts from the welcome screen or updated start menu. This would turn your Surface Hub into your own Windows 10 device, an OS that a lot of us are used to using. This uniformity across devices allows for less training needed on the device resulting in less time wasted.

Such features from this deeper integration would include:

Accessing your content that’s stored in your OneDrive.

Most commonly used applications such as Microsoft Word & Excel, a feature everyone will be used to if they’ve used a Windows 10 computer before. These comfort of life changes will save hours of time over a year if used regularly as the time you take searching for these apps is vastly reduced.

Integration with Microsoft Teams through Edge.

Enhanced Experiences

To ensure that they’re constantly updating the experience you have while using the Surface Hub, Microsoft has worked with Dolby to optimise the audio experience for human speech. Making the experience that much clearer, with the aim of achieving the same feeling of being in the same room as the other users.

When you’re in a meeting of many people across the world, it’s vital that you have the device in place that can properly transmit audio and video in top quality at high speeds. The loss of communication is what makes a meeting break down, when your business growth is on the line then you want the best on the market to achieve this.

Also updated is Skype controls, making it a lot easier to make a call, message and share content. With Skype being such a huge tool across all industries this is a huge update to make it that much simpler to communicate.

Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft recently announced a new Whiteboard app for Windows 10 and the Surface Hub, which allows two-way inking, collaborative inking, geometry recognition, table conversion and automatic table shading. An excellent new feature that’ll allow you to share ink across a multitude of devices, giving you an extra tool to communicate with.

This feature will start to roll out later this year when you can design your own digital workspace.


As with any business device, privacy and security are of the utmost importance as echoed by the customers that requested extra features. Microsoft listened and have introduced measures to ensure that your meetings stay between the users and nobody else. Such features as:

The ability to wipe all data at the end of each session automatically by default to ensure no important documents or contact details are left for any prying eyes

An option to require BitLocker encryption for USB ports to prevent security threats such as Malware

Support for two-factor authentication to allow you to approve or disapprove any request to the device from another device such as your phone

Support to change settings remotely via another device or phone

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