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Financial Management

How to grow with R&D tax credits

R&D Tax Credits can help companies grow and can boost employment in the economy. Here's how.


Is the UK fintech sector in trouble?

Financial technology firms across Britain are facing an uncertain future now that the Brexit-related realities are coming home to roost.


Entrepreneurship from home

Have you ever ran out of power or charge when you are using your phone but you cannot access your charger? what of when there is a blackout and you are working on something important using a dying phone?


Going local in Manchester with a virtual phone system

Virtual phone systems are much more flexible than traditional systems as they are open standard and have multiple interfaces.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Are loyalty programs really worth it?

The traditional advice as far as cultivating loyalty to your small business is concerned is that it’s not just the customers themselves who will be rewarded if you can get more of them to stick with you – it’ll be your company that feels the benefits, too.


Which car insurance payment option is the best for your business

As you know, business car insurance tends to be more expensive than regular car insurance, so it’s all the more important to find the right policy and the best car insurance payment option possible.


Alex Jeffreys explains why your business isn’t making money

Have you ever wondered why your business isn’t making money when it seems like so many other entrepreneurs are raking in the cash?


7 reasons why your business needs to move to the cloud

Many businesses have adopted cloud computing in their operations in the past few years. Cloud computing or on-demand computing as it is sometimes called refers to a system of using computer services over the internet.

Financial Management

How to make your first futures trade

Stocks, currencies, bonds, indices… Today’s financial markets are rich with assets which one can successfully use for constructing a diversified investment portfolio. Anyway, no matter how many stocks you use, you will never construct a safe portfolio without the use of commodity futures.

Financial Management

How to save money by using Habito mortgage broker

A few years ago, the system of mortgages and mortgage brokers was expensive and old-fashioned with no alternatives to a slow, offline experience.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Have a digital business? Here are 7 ways to customer satisfaction

Businesses thrive on customers’ support and loyalty to ensure growth. For a digital business, this can be a bit challenging, especially if you don’t have the luxury of having face-to-face interactions with customers.


73% of Britons are unhappy with the way they sit

According to a new study by Urban Massage, Britons are spending more than thirteen hours a day using electronic devices, which has led to 73% of those surveyed admitting that they are unhappy with the way that they sit. They are spending more than thirteen hours a day using electronic devices.