Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence: is it good or bad for society?

Whether its benefits outweigh its threats or not, AI looks like it’s here to stay…

Venture Capital Funding

Plural launches €400m VC fund for tech founders

London-based VC will look to back tech founders across the UK and Europe


Just 7% of UK startups actively involved with AI

Despite the UK pushing for global leadership in artificial intelligence, the number of startups actually capitalising on or developing AI is sparse


AI could add $500bn to value of SMEs globally

SMEs either creating AI for enterprise organisations or embedding AI in their own businesses will add billions of dollars in value, says boutique tech bank DAI Magister

Human Resources

The rise of the AI recruiter in HR

Artificial intelligence can help accelerate job recruitment and handle clerical work for onboarding staff. How can you convince your organisation that it needs AI when it comes to HR?

Growth Planning

Government to focus on green tech and AI in new industrial strategy

New industrial strategy reflects priorities of prime minister’s chief adviser Dominic Cummings to create UK equivalent of US technology agency

Venture Capital Funding

IQ Capital raises $300m for investment in ‘deep tech’ growth business

Cambridge-based IQ Capital raises $125m for scale-ups and third $175m fund for start-ups working in the artificial intelligence, biotech and internet of things 'deep tech'


How professionals and corporations can prepare for the AI revolution

Dr Stephen Simpson and Hugh Shields, founders of UK-based corporate performance consultancy Alpha Fortius, advise on how to survive and thrive in the new world of AI

Venture Capital Funding

If you want to raise money, call yourself an AI company

Median funding round for an AI start-up is about 15% higher than for other software companies - research


VC investment in UK AI start-ups hits $1.3bn in 2018

However, rate of investment growth slows compared with 2017

Venture Capital Funding

AI platform Peltarion secures $20m in Series A funding

Money will be used to expand London office

Venture Capital Funding

Legal AI software firm Luminance raises £8m in Series B funding

Software enables lawyers to sift through legal documents using AI technology