The Business Growth Fund: Two years of operation in numbers

With two years having passed since the Business Growth Fund was backed by four of the UK's biggest high street banks, GrowthBusiness looks at what the firm has achieved.

The Business Growth Fund (BGF) now has 25 portfolio companies, across a wide range of sectors. We present some of the other headline numbers as the fund looks to push on with the allocation of its £2.5 billion of capital.

Largest single investment: £10 million ( and GCI Com)

Smallest single investment: £2.25 million (Aubin)

Average investment size: £4.8 million

Number of different sectors invested in: 8 (consumer manufacturing, industrial manufacturing, consumer services & leisure, business & support services, technology, telecommunications, healthcare, media)

Median turnover of portfolio business: £10.2 million (largest – Statesman Travel (£86 million), smallest – Celaton (£2 million)

Combined revenues of portfolio: £361.7 million

Number of co-investments made: 4 (Magma, Unruly, Weir and SkyDox)

More from our exclusive Business Growth Fund roundtable:

Amount of portfolio acquisitions: 19

Fastest deal completion: 22 days (M Squared)

Average age of portfolio company: 8 years

Number of non-executives appointed through BGF Talent Network: 17

Amount of people working within portfolio companies: 3,469

Number of new jobs created via investment: 277

Countries worldwide which portfolio companies are exporting to: 76

Number of awards won by portfolio companies or management team: 10

Average age of portfolio CEO: 45 years

Selection of Business Growth Fund deals:

GrowthBusiness has brought together four Business Growth Fund portfolio companies for an exclusive roundtable discussion. See above for links to content from the discussion.

Hunter Ruthven

Hunter Ruthven

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