Technology review: Noise cancelling Ferrari by Logic3 R300 headphones

The R300 headphones by Ferrari by Logic3 provide a comfortable and high quality way to listen to music on the move and at home.

The R300 headphones by Ferrari by Logic3 provide a comfortable and high quality way to listen to music on the move and at home.

With music collections becoming ever more transportable through smartphones, tablets and MP3 players, having a good set of headphones is important for maximising quality.

We’ve all experienced a commute where the person sitting next to you is listening through small, cheap earphones which are blaring out music so loudly that the entire carriage can hear what is being played.

To curb this, a number of different manufacturers have brought out noise-cancelling headphones designed so that external commotion is cut down – meaning that the user need not have the volume so high.

To cater to this market, the creators of the Ferrari Audio range, Ferrari by Logic3, have now brought out their R300 noise-cancelling headphones to sit alongside the rest of the Scuderia Ferrari Collection.

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Available in black and white, the headphones provide great quality sound using active noise cancelling technology. The product comes with a three-button Apple cord as well as those compatible with other smartphones such as Blackberrys and Windows phones. They are also foldable in two places and come with a durable case for transportation.

The headphone’s design is drawn from that of its road going products, with each sound piece featuring the distinctive Ferrari emblem. The audio product is constructed using machine crafted metal arms and breathable material for the ear pads which have a closed-back design to prevent loss of sound.

Useful features include a mute button on the right ear so that users don’t have to fish their audio device out of a pocket or bag to temporarily cancel noise, and a built-in microphone so that a mobile phone can be answered without having to take the headphones off.

Power comes from two AAA batteries located inside one of the ear pads, and a small switch on the right hand side turns the device on and off.

For those who want to enjoy high quality sound and a comfortable listening experience, the R300 headphones provide a great investment.

The product retails at £269 and sits alongside other products in the range including the Scuderia FS1 air wireless speaker and S100i earphones.

Hunter Ruthven

Hunter Ruthven

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