Five venture capital trends for start-ups to follow in 2022

For Dave Rosenberg, VC investment in start-ups will be all about embedded AI, challenger brands and clean technology

Venture Capital Funding

The venture capitalists (VCs) that founders need to know about

Dealroom has revealed the most prominent VCs over the past year – and for 2021, a global ranking is being included

Venture Capital Funding

6 mistakes to avoid once you’ve closed your first VC round

Avoid these common mistakes to maximise your runway following VC funding, says Denis Shfranik

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Who are the 5 most powerful venture capital funds in Britain?

Britain is home to the highest number of growth business investors in Europe, but Germany, Switzerland and Austria are snapping at its heels

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Why venture capital needs to stop hunting unicorns

Unicorn hunting promises a high bounty, but real returns come from investing at an earlier stage, argues Daniel Pitchford.

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Why Europe’s tech millionaires put their money where their mouth is

Nearly 20 per cent of all money invested in European startups is coming from individual investors, making private wealth the main source of venture funding

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UK venture capital produces similar returns to that of US

Contrary to misperceptions, UK venture capital funds produce similar returns to those out of the US since 2002

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Crane VC fund for data-driven European startups raises $90m

New London-based fund aimed at startups harnessing data to provides solutions for business


TaxScouts raises £1.2m in VC funds through SpeedInvest

Venture capital will be used to double UK team and boost marketing.


Here’s where CEOs and VCs get their business news from

We speak to a range of company founders and VCs on where they get their business news from and why they choose particular outlets.


The Craftory interview: Meet the counter-corporate anti-VCs

New investment house The Craftory is looking to 'put a dent in the universe' with a new cohort of challenger brands. Here, we take a closer look at how the firm operates.

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Q&A with AIM CEO Marcus Stuttard

Marcus Stuttard, CEO of AIM, explains the benefits of listing a company on the AIM market.