UK SMEs predict 25% sales growth in the next financial year

ew research from Skipton Business Finance says that UK SMEs across all sectors expect significant sales growth over the next financial year.

Growth Planning

How do SMEs take the leap and scale with sales?

Having a replicable sales process is essential if you want to scale, says The Apprentice's Elizabeth McKenna.


Entrepreneur interview: Andy Jefferies, co-founder of Dock & Bay

The co-founder of Dock & Bay on using Amazon and Facebook to grow sales in the US.


Entrepreneur profile: Daniel Cray, co-founder of Phizz

Daniel Cray, co-founder of Phizz shares how the effervescent tablet is increasing sales through unlikely avenues.


It’s the end of advertising as we know it

A recent study into advertising states that tech products should not be promoted, which seems ridiculous.


CRM and sales firm Pipedrive raises $50M in Series C funding

Global firm looking for rapidly scaling businesses to partner with as sales and CRM demands grows.


Only two in ten UK students consider a career in sales

Sales roles are notoriously hard to fill. Therefore, Inspiring Interns carried out a survey on 2,500 recent graduates on their perception of sales jobs.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Becoming unstoppable: How to supercharge your sales process

Here, Laurence Bret Stern, chief revenue officer at Pipedrive, explores how businesses can turbocharge their sales process.


The six traits of a successful business sales leader

What are the key characteristics of a successful business leader? Huthwaite International takes a look.

Financial Management

5 ways to tackle the January sales slump

Here's how businesses can tackle the January sales slump, post-Christmas.


The art of spin – how to successfully sell, all the time

Here, David Freeman, director at Huthwaite International, analyses the art of spin and how you can get better at selling.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Four tips to accelerate sales for SMEs

Sales professionals want to close business as fast as possible. Today, technology and data accelerate business even faster than in the past.