Six fundamental steps to Black Friday success

Here are some tips from Andy Richley, marketing manager at Khaos Control on how you can take advantage of Black Friday.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Three tips for building a foundation of trust with sales leads

Since the internet and social media have permeated our lives, the B2B buying process has undergone quite a transformation.

Growth Planning

Why do we sell the way we do? The evolution of modern sales revealed

Company Check's Katie Deverill outlines the evolution of modern sales, from pyramid selling to challenger selling.


Can an accurate sales forecast improve company performance?

Accurate sales forecasts are essential to sound decision-making. Anaplan's Rowan Tonkin writes.

PR and Marketing Strategy

5 free and effective ways to generate more B2B sales this year

Here are five free and cost-effective methods of generating more sales for your B2B brand.

PR and Marketing Strategy

4 simple tactics to increase B2B sales

Generic B2C sales tactics just won’t cut it in the B2B market. Here are four tactics that could work.

Human Resources

Sales is still a boys’ club. Women in sales explain why

Although women in the workforce has increased to 46 per cent in the UK, women are still underrepresented in sales. durhamlane's female sales specialists, sales recruiters and an accredited leadership coach explain why sales is still seen as a boys' club.


Five steps to better sales conversions

Convert your website visitors and window shoppers into sales

PR and Marketing Strategy

The Goldilocks Zone – Improving the chances of marketing success

The old adage that half of a marketing budget is wasted is an accepted truism to many, but why should this be?

Human Resources

Seasonal sales pressure: Prepping staff for peak-time success

Regional high-sales periods can be very tricky to negotiate: so read on for advice on how to minimise the impact of short-term staffing pressures.

Human Resources

Retaining sales staff: the importance of management skills for sales managers

Your sales team are the the coalface when it comes to generating revenue for your business: but can a lack of soft skills in the management team actually be more damaging than not having that ruthless streak?


B2B sales: Not just about great salespeople (though it never hurts!)

Creating a successful sales team goes beyond simply finding those that can sell fridges to Eskimos.