Intellectual Property

Legislation and Regulation

Protecting your trade mark in China: 3 lessons from 2016

Haseltine Lake's Michael Conway outlines how UK brands can protect their trade mark in China, learning from 2016's biggest corporate struggles.

Legislation and Regulation

Iceland v Iceland: the IP battle of the year

With Iceland (the nation) suing Iceland (the British supermarket chain), the question of intellectual property is back in the headlines. Here's what you need to know.


Why early-stage tech innovators are profiting more now

New research reveals that innovators stand to profit more now than before, thanks to a greater focus on intellectual property-related activities. Joanna Thurston, partner and patent attorney at Withers & Rogers explains.

Legislation and Regulation

How to turn your big data idea into a money spinner

For entrepreneurs that succeed in bringing their big data ideas to market, applying for patent protection could give a valuable 20-year monopoly in their target markets. Withers & Rogers' Nick Wallin writes.

Legislation and Regulation

Who owns the intellectual property for your website?

According to experts from the UK200Group intellectual property should be a key concern for even the smallest of businesses.


4 future automotive trends to expect from today’s IP data

From cross-poaching top talent from the tech sector to the latest in passenger safety, here are the top trends in automotive IP data analytics reveals.

Exit Strategies

IP management crucial to successful fundraising or exit

A league table compiled by Metis Partners highlights the increasingly important role of intellectual property management in business growth.


Intellectual property and you

Amid fierce competition and a slew of intellectual property scams, how can you protect your business ideas?

Legislation and Regulation

Using IP to add value to a business

Many people see IP protection as an expense they can't afford: but will not investing prove the costliest decision of all?

Growth Planning

The vital role of IP due diligence in the assessment of company value

With IP such a vital part of a company's worth, Jodie Albutt, patent attorney at Dehns, explains why due diligence is a crucial step in going about securing a valuation.


Hooper report calls for ‘Copyright Hub’

The creative industries in the UK are being called upon to partake in and promote a new 'Copyright Hub'.


Copyright, IP protection to become cheaper for SMEs

A new small claims service will be introduced at the Patents County Court next year to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) protect their copyright, trade marks and designs, the government has announced.