Intellectual Property


Fast track copyright and IP reforms, Tech companies say

London’s ‘Silicon Roundabout’ technology community has called on the Cameron government to fast track copyright and intellectual property (IP) reform or risk seeing recent support shown to be ‘little more than hype’.


Overhaul IP and copyright laws to help exporting SMEs

The UK government should 'resolutely pursue its international interests' in intellectual property and copyright, particularly in the notorious infringement markets of China and India, as part of a major overhaul of current laws, a report recommends.

Growth Planning

Protecting IP in China

Despite China’s questionable record in defending IP, the experience of British business Strix suggests officials are increasingly recognising the importance of protecting company’s rights.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Genius at work: The importance of IP

A well-constructed patent portfolio can make your business a commercial fortress. Marc Barber reports on why innovation and intellectual property go hand in hand.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Protecting your ideas through IP

Once your idea takes off, it is almost inevitable that you are going to be copied. Short of becoming a regular at the High Court, what can you do about it? Adam Jolly investigates.

Legislation and Regulation

IP protection is key to success

Infringement of intellectual property rights is the top concern for owner-managers of fast-growing UK businesses, a survey has found.

Legislation and Regulation

A new home for your IP with a Special Purpose Vehicle

David Bowie's done it. Guess? has done it. Dunkin' Donuts has done it. And Yale University has done it. They have all created special purpose vehicles for their intellectual property, writes Thayne Forbes, joint MD of brand valuation consultancy Intangible Business.


The importance of having cash in your IP protection strategy

If you are an early-stage company whose technology has reached an initial strategic breakthrough, you will need to radically rejig your organisation and overhaul your intellectual property protection to reap the financial whirlwind.

Legislation and Regulation

Patent or Perish – Developing an IP Protection Strategy

If you've invented a ground-breaking product that could fundamentally change a business process, you'll need to get a patent strategy. Without one, investors will shun you and commercial vultures may steal your idea.