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Protecting your big ideas with intellectual property insurance

Having a great idea can make you rich – but not if it's not properly protected. Here’s how to make sure intellectual property is properly insured

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The (near) future of global innovation: 9m inventions, four short years

Around 9m patents are expected to be filed within the next four years. Harnessing patent data will act as a multiplier for global innovation, explains Ed White

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Intellectual property – how to protect yours as a start up or scale up

Many owners of start up and scale up businesses over look the importance of protecting their intellectual property. Zain Ali (pictured) of Centuro Global explains what to do and why

Growth Planning

Increasing business growth: Seven key considerations

Here, Stuart Hatcher, partner in the corporate team at PwC explains the key considerations when you plan to grow your business.


What parents of teenage tech entrepreneurs should know about the law

Here, two lawyers specialising in intellectual property explain what the legal implications of setting up a company at the pre-18 stage are.

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How to protect your intellectual property as a scale-up business

The rise in IP theft can potentially affect thousands of UK scale-ups. Karen Holden of A City Law Firm, discusses intellectual property, its value, and how businesses can protect themselves.


Top 5 intellectual property mistakes to avoid

Intellectual Property law can be a minefield, particularly for SMEs. British Library Business & IP Centre's Jeremy O'Hare highlights the five biggest intellectual property mistakes all growing businesses should avoid.

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Ideas matter: Why you need to be IP savvy

CPA Global's Haydn Evans explains why you need to protect your business idea and be IP savvy to get ahead.

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Why social entrepreneurs need solid commercial foundations to succeed

Humanitarian aims are all well and good, but won’t get you anywhere without solid commercial foundations, says Peter Finnie, IP expert and managing partner at Gill Jennings & Every.

Legislation and Regulation

Lessons on IP from KitKat’s “four-finger” trade mark battle

Nestlé has lost its appeal to trademark the shape of the four-fingered KitKat bar in the UK. Here's what business can learn from this long-standing court battle.


Why tech-led innovators should focus on creating a sustainable economy

Tech innovators have the opportunity to propel the UK's position as a global start-up hub. But a lot of it hinges on putting long-term growth first. IP firm Withers & Rogers' chairman, Karl Barnfather writes.

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Market testing: 5 ways to make sure your new innovation hits the mark

Before a new invention is put into production, entrepreneurs must be sure that it will be a commercial success. Market testing provides an opportunity to assess its saleability and to consider whether additional features are required. Dave Croston, partner at Withers & Rogers, shares his five tips for successful market testing.