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The top 5 most ghoulish celebrity bosses – how to manage the monster

In time for Halloween, American President Donald Trump is named as the scariest celebrity boss to work for. We take a look at why.


4 things every CEO needs to focus on daily to grow

Being the CEO of a company can be hard as your time is split among the different parts of the business. Here are four things you should focus on daily to see growth.


10 business leaders share their secrets to success

Ahead of the 13th season of hit TV show, The Apprentice in the UK,ten business leaders share their secrets to success.


How to win in life and business: Formula One legend Nick Fry

Formula One superstar Nick Fry outlines the biggest lessons he learned in his 40-year career on how to win consistently.


The dos and don’ts of disagreeing revealed

The art of disagreeing: Ally Yates, author of ‘Utter Confidence: How what you say and do influences your effectiveness in business’, shares her top tips on communicating clearly.


Generation Z leads the way in entrepreneurial spirit

Yell Business conducted research which highlights the thirst that Generation Z has for running their own company, with a huge 78 per cent of 16-24 year olds saying they wanted to run a business when they were a child.


6 types of bosses (and how to work for them)

Across your career, you will work for a wide range of bosses and managers. Here are the six types of boss and how to work for them.


From James Dyson to Alan Sugar: words of wisdom from business greats

Everyone needs a little bit of motivation at times – especially the entrepreneurially-inclined. So here are words of wisdom from some of the world's best known business leaders. 


Europe’s most powerful business women have above average number of children

Europe’s most powerful business women have more children than the European average, a new study reveals.


The gender split among the world’s most powerful CEOs

A study by Talentful explores how gender can affect the earning potential, success, and career growth.


RESEARCH: “Sensation seekers” make better leaders

Businesses with "sensation seekers" for CEOs are likely to be far more innovative, according to research from McGill University. Here's why.


Victim, villain or hero: where do you stand as a leader?

Mission: Leadership. Gulf war veteran and business leader, Ben Morton, outlines what it takes to be a leader and what he has learned along the way.