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Vlad Shmunis: 3 lessons that can transform your business for the better

RingCentral's Vlad Shmunis reveals three key lessons he learned while building a global telecommunications company with just $5,000 back in 1999.


A good idea may not be worth as much as you think, says Guy Kawasaki

Silicon Valley entrepreneur turned tech evangelist, Guy Kawasaki explains the value of a good idea.


In addition to STEM talent, Britain faces leadership skills shortage

Half of all management level candidates in the UK lack leadership skills like open and empathetic communication, and strategic planning. Here are three ways to get around this.


Anytime Fitness founder Chuck Runyon on building a global brand

There are over 650 gyms in the UK, made up mostly by large fitness chains, including Anytime Fitness. Small, local gyms are quickly disappearing across the nation. According to Anytime Fitness founder Chuck Runyon, it's a case of 'adapt or die' as the industry gets more competitive.


The 16-year cocoon: Momondo’s growth, pivot and re-invention

Momondo Group's Hugo Burge has come a long way from when he first started up 16 years ago. From a three-person team working out of Wandsworth to a revenue-generating brand cornering the explosive travel market online, Momondo has grown, stalled, pivoted and re-emerged. Here’s how.


Inspirational business leaders: Behaviour over bank balance

Start-up founders tend to choose role models based on their media profile. Here's why you should learn from the hard working women that get things done quietly and out of the limelight, rather than the media darlings.


The UK start-up culture and why it needs to be cultivated

Serial entrepreneur Christian Lane explains why the UK needs to do more to boost its start-up culture.


Tips from the top: Bend but don’t break to stimulate growth for your business

Dirk Paessler started his tech business off his own back. Here are his top tips on stimulating growth in the early days of your start-up journey.


‘Trust vacuum’ may explain Trump win

New research reveals what could be an answer to Donald Trump's presidential win. This extends to businesses and brands. Here's why.


Ready or not: what to do about expansion

Sarah Willingham, entrepreneur, judge of BBC’s Dragons’ Den and advisor to The Guardian’s Small Business Mentoring programme, shares her top tips for businesses to achieve growth.


Five leadership lessons from Donald Trump

Love him or loathe him, Donald Trump has very famously made his millions on his own. Here's what we can learn from the most controversial US presidential candidate in history on business leadership


6 traits of highly likeable people (and how they make it work in business)

If you have ever wondered why some people just seem to float through life with the spotlight and vanity fan on them at all times, observe how they behave. These are the top traits of highly likeable people, and how they hone their skills.