Business Leaders

Articles and interviews with growth business leaders analysing their pivotal role in guiding organisations towards success through their vision, strategic decision-making, and ability to inspire and motivate teams.


Qualities of great leaders

Leadership has transformed over the past two decades, writes Andy Brown, and bosses should be trying to balance soft skills and hard skills


Start young, sleep less: study reveals leadership formula

A study of 100 influential business leaders within a majority of sectors over the last 100 years reveals an unexpected formula for start-up success.


30 must-read books on business, technology and productivity, as picked by entrepreneurs

GrowthBusiness rounds up the top 30 must-read books on business, technology and productivity based on the reading list of entrepreneurs across the UK.


Who is the most searched for business leader in the UK?

Lord Alan Sugar named UK’s ‘most searched for’ director for second year running, as other business leaders fall to the bottom.

Human Resources

Is your CEO irreplaceable?

CEO salaries are higher than ever. But new research from the Stanford Graduate School of Business finds that identifying the right person for the top job is also harder than ever, despite the attractive compensation on offer. David Larcker, a professor of accounting at the School who led the research, explains why.


10 questions business leaders should ask to kick-start the new year

Refresh your business strategy and make this year your most productive yet with these 10 essential questions.


How to make the most of Warren Buffett’s biggest productivity secret

If you always feel that your days simply too short to do all the things that you want to do, it may be time to give Warren Buffett's 'two list system' a try.


What type of leader are you?

Are you democratic or do you have very little involvement in decision making? Either way, being a leader means that you have the power to inspire others.


Branson, Gates and Jobs: What can you learn from these business icons?

Richard Stonier looks at the advice of some of the world’s leading business people, and explains how you can implement it in your own business plan.


New model propositions: Bosses need to keep changing if they’re going to stay ahead

Today’s business leaders are – or should be – focused on creating cultures of relentless improvement and developing new model propositions that deliver commercial success, says Forever Beta's Robin Gadsby.


C’est La French Tech: Why Paris is the new epicentre for European innovation

President of Business France, Pascal Cagni, speaks to GrowthBusiness on how France plans to win over the world as the next biggest start-up breeding ground.


10 tips to avoid corporate governance gaffs

Corporate governance expert Gerry Brown shares his top 10 tried and tested tips for successfully hiring effective independent minded non-executive directors, while avoiding corporate governance gaffs.