Bank Lending


What will the CYBG and Virgin Money tie-up mean for SME lending?

SME lending has fallen 3.7 per cent year on year but will this new deal buck the trend?

Alternative Finance for Business

One of the biggest banks in the world is lending to SMEs in the UK

French banking group is delivering business loans to ambitious UK firms.


HSBC commits £10b in lending to SMBs

With the rise of alternative lending options, banks are at the risk of being dethroned as leading business lenders for entrepreneurs. This announcement follows HSBC's plans to introduce a virtual platform that cuts business loan application and approval times in half


Lending a hand: How can banks and SMEs align their interests to mutual benefit?

Lenders old and new are have to work with SMEs to make sure the stream of funding leaving small businesses doesn't become a flood: but what can be done?


New business bank will not aim to displace existing institutions

A fresh tranche of business lending worth £10 billion is set to be made available with the creation of a new business bank.


Banks lending to larger businesses

Small and medium sized enterprises are using external funding and the majority of applications for finance are being met, according to new research.


Banks: open for business? 

Personal guarantees and onerous lending terms are making it tough for entrepreneurs to secure finance. M&A reports.

Alternative Finance for Business

The truth about bank lending

Tighter security terms. Higher borrowing costs. Personal guarantees as standard. But don’t worry, the banks are still ‘open for business’. Or are they?


Banks pledge SME support

Abbey and Alliance & Leicester are to participate in government-led initiatives to increase lending to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).