Artificial Intelligence


AI marketing platform Growth Intelligence raises further £2m through backers

Software helps companies identify new marketing and sales leads


AI tech startup Flexciton raises £2.5m from venture capital

Flexciton aims to be part of every production line in the world


Artificial Intelligence in HR – the future is now

Artificial intelligence has the capacity to give HR managers the power to make better decisions for the workforce they manage.


AI teaching and tutoring platform gets new investment

AI company has raised millions in funding in order to disrupt the online tutoring market around the world.


Could artificial intelligence leave businesses at risk from hackers?

Cyber security experts at CJCH have offered their advice to businesses on how artificial intelligence (AI) hacking could impact their daily lives. They’ve outlined what AI businesses use every day which could be vulnerable to attack, and offered advice on what they can do to protect themselves.


Is there a case for backing British robotics start-ups?

Earlier this week, Britbots announced the launch of its second robotics seed fund as the sector starts to pick up the pace. Founder Dominic Keen believes 2018 is the year to back British robotics.


Rules for AI success when you’re not Google or Facebook

Here's how pre-digital businesses plan for AI success early on.

Human Resources

From AI recruiting to Millennial bosses: 2018 talent trends revealed

AI and social media are taking the recruitment process into a hyper-personal, hyper-segmented, and hyper-driven age. Here are the top 10 talent trends to look out for in 2018.


Morning, noon and night; 7 ways AI could transform daily life

Rohit Talwar, Steve Wells, April Koury, Alexandra Whittington, and Maria Romero of Fast Future, discuss how AI will affect the future of business.


Is AI too focused on eliminating human interactions?

Bot design shouldn’t always result in eliminating human interactions, says Saberr CEO Tom Marsden. Here's why.

Venture Capital Funding

UK AI start-ups on the rise: one founded every 5 days

London-based VC firm, MMC Ventures, commissioned a study on the state of AI in 2017, which identifies opportunities for early-stage tech start-ups in the sector, as well as challenges to overcome for sustained growth.


Can robots feel? Researchers are working on it

Researchers from Université Paris-Saclay are pioneering a new approach in robotics, teaching robots how to show personality and emotion through touch and other senses. What does this mean for the role of automation and AI in the corporate world?