Artificial Intelligence


Will AI steal all our jobs?

Artificial intelligence will create more jobs than it replaces. Gareth Davies of Kwiziq explains why AI enhanced education could be the key.


Why SMEs will lead the artificial intelligence revolution

New research reveals that smaller businesses are more open and optimistic about artificial intelligence and its potential to boost business growth. 

Venture Capital Funding

PROWLER.io raises £10m to build world’s first AI decision-making platform

PROWLER.io has raised £10 million in series A funding to further develop the world’s first principled AI decision-making platform.

Human Resources

Artificial intelligence and automation: can we plug the skills gap?

Can we compete against the rising tide of AI and automation? New research suggests we might not be able to plug the skills gap in the future.


Two in three young entrepreneurs fear being replaced by robots

Two thirds of young entrepreneurs are concerned that the rise of artificial intelligence in the workplace could impact job prospects, but some of the top jobs in the future may need to take AI as a given.


Robotics and the click-to-ship revolution

Robots are entering the here-and-now in a significant and transformative way - and nowhere more so than in the modern warehouse. Dematic's Simon Cooper writes.

Venture Capital Funding

AI camera start-up secures £3m to boost road safety for autonomous vehicles

Vivacity Labs, a UK-based AI camera start-up that aims to ease congestion, has secured £3 million in funding from Innovate UK and private investors to roll out a city-wide deployment in Milton Keynes.


How to incorporate AI in business

As more and more industries adopt AI technology, Seal Software's Kevin Gidney explains how businesses can make the most of this trend.


Don’t fear the bot: Stigmas could hold UK businesses back, warns robotics expert

Why breaking down stigmas surrounding robotics and artificial intelligence could boost UK's competitiveness.


1 in 3 entry level roles can be done by robots, but can automation create more jobs?

Automation and the rise of AI may be the two biggest unstoppable forces of our time. But will these developments threaten our livelihood, or are will they present opportunities just waiting to be tapped?


Stella Artois predicts future customers with AI powered technology from Blis

Blis Futures specifically targets the mobile advertising market, and guarantees that advertisers will only be charged per consumer visit.


Why 2017 will be the year of the bot

2017 is set to be the year of the bot, but there are a few barriers in the way. From racist chatbots to robosexuality, we examine some of the trends in artificial intelligence that could detract the sector's evolution as a business accelerator.