Going local in Manchester with a virtual phone system

Virtual phone systems are much more flexible than traditional systems as they are open standard and have multiple interfaces.

A virtual phone system or a virtual PBX is a telephone network that uses VoIP technology to re-route calls to the physical phone line but coming from virtual numbers. PBX allows for having more telephone numbers than the number of physical phone devices and accompanying features like call transfer, voicemail, interactive voice menus (IVM), ACD call queuing and call recording.

There are some key take-away’s that are unique to virtual phone systems and include:

Low cost of monthly recurring

On average, business connections in the UK range between £45 and £80 every month based on the amount of time spent and the distance of the calls.

No upgrade or maintenance requirements

Hosted PBX services are easy to use and can be programmed by the staff itself. In many cases, companies in the UK use 3rd party consultants to organize their PBX lines.

Seamless connection over multiple locations

Regardless of the size of your business, virtual phone systems can handle huge demographics while offering instant communication between parties.

Low upfront cost

The cost of installing a virtual phone system is quite low, ranging between £5,000 and £20,000, depending on the features you require and the hardware systems.

Fail over to deal with emergencies

Even if there is a power cut in your office/home, you will still be able to access the virtual calls since they are hosted outside the home/office network. This ensures that the business day goes on.

Highly reliable

One of the prime advantages of having a virtual phone system is reliability. Since the system relies on internet connection, the calls are routed through existing infrastructures. Done rightly, it creates an onsite network. Whenever a call comes in, it is routed to the connected landline and the system manages the call as effectively as a classic standard.

Going local

Lastly, it more about putting yourself as a local business and earning the attention you deserve. When it comes to services, customers are more inclined towards local providers. With a virtual phone system, a business in London can hope to use Manchester phone numbers and put itself as a local provider. This does increase the likelihood of earning business, credibility and subsequently, increased leads and revenue.

In the globalised world of today, there are no geographical barriers to doing business. However, to earn the trust of the customers, services like virtual phone systems exist. Apart from offering an area code that the customer can easily relate to, these services also make the calling system much more professional, streamlined and productive. So, whether you are a startup or an established business trying to spread your wings into a new city, virtual landline numbers can help you solve your telephony issues. With all the added advantages, it is a great value addition to your business process.

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