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Have you ever ran out of power or charge when you are using your phone but you cannot access your charger? what of when there is a blackout and you are working on something important using a dying phone?

All these posts a challenge in keeping your phone charged and keeping you working. The genius innovation that is the Power bank solves the issue. They are the small hand sized, brick like devices that store power which can be drawn for charging later. So, how about stay in business with a powerbank.

How exactly do power banks work? Well. I am going to make it simple for those who are not tech-heads per se. Basically, the device stores electrical energy within its cells which can be used later to power up or charge a phone. All phones out there that can be charged by using a USB cable are generally compatible with basically all power banks. If the power bank has a larger capacity, it can be used to charge laptops too therefore giving you and edge and the freedom to work on projects from home without interruption.

Let’s get a bit deeper into the power bank, shall we?  How can one tell when the power bank is full? Most power banks have small LED light indicators. They light up when the power bank is charging and depending on how the charger lights are programed to behave, they normally go off when fully charged or stop any programed relay effects. Some have a specific color when charging and a different color when full.Some even have screens to indicate the percentage of charge within the power bank. After being full, you are pretty much advised to unplug the charger.

How about the writing on the power bank? mAh stands for milliampere-hour (mAh) and the more of this the power bank has, the greater the energy it provides. Remember, if you need to charge a stronger machine or two devices at once, you need a stronger power bank. One that has a higher mAh value.

Keep in mind that using the device while charging can reduce battery life because it will seem like it is not being charged due to energy consumption during charging. Charging your power bank is just the same as your phone. The same principles apply to both. The same patience is required. Making sure that a power bank is fully charged guarantees multiple usages without recharge, at least depending on how much energy your power bank can actually store.

So, how do you choose the proper power bank for yourself? First off, you should figure out if you need a power bank in the first place. The choice for the type of power bank to buy should not be that hard after the need comes up. How much power do you need? How many devices do you want to charge at the same time? How much power does these devices need? Its questions like these that will enable you to make the right choice on the best power bank to buy. There are a lot out there with different ratings.

My advice, go for the highest rated one in your budget. Why? Think of the advantages. Most of the high rated ones, almost always have multiple outlets thus being able to charge more than one device. There is also the perk that the higher the mAh value, the higher the chances of multiple charging sessions without charging the power bank. Speaking of charging the power banks, there are some out there that can be solar powered.

I know I might have over sold the power bank but hey, they are important for the dark times. Now think about the advantages of having one. Think of the amount of work you can do. You will never have an excuse for having unfinished work either on your phone or laptop. Power bank is the new UPS.

Jon Sumner

Jon Sumner

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