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Here we look at four must-have gadgets for the tech-loving entrepreneur – and one you can probably do without

Here we look at four must-have gadgets for the tech-loving entrepreneur – and one you can probably do without

BlackBerry Bold 9000 Sim-Free Mobile Phone

The BlackBerry is still the granddaddy of business phones, and many users believe this is the best model to date.

The integrated organiser will help you stay on top of your game, while camera and video recording capabilities allow you to capture those priceless moments. The Media Sync facility means you can access iTunes and its built-in GPS will prevent you from ever getting lost again.

At 136 grams, this is also the heaviest BlackBerry to date, so will probably appeal to serious users only.

Price: £379.99

HP tx2 Touchscreen Notebook

Swivel-screened and touch-responsive, Hewlett-Packard’s tx2 is a piece of kit that is just dying to be played with.

The high-definition LED BrightView display detects the movement of your fingers and the screen can be easily twisted into slate mode, allowing you to make handwritten notes with the digital pen (which are automatically converted into typed text).

Features include a 12.1-inch screen, Windows 7 Home Premium and 4 GB RAM. With up to 12 hours of battery life, it’s also perfect for when you’re on the move.

Price: £734.95

iPod Nano Fifth Generation

Forget the camera. The super-cool feature here is the built-in FM receiver that allows you to pause and rewind live radio and tag the songs you like, which you can then purchase through iTunes.

Other developments include a voice recording facility, a larger 2.2-inch screen and a pedometer. However, storage capacity remains the same as its predecessor at 8GB/16GB. Ideal for music lovers, but probably redundant for iPhone users.

Price: £104/£132

Amazon Kindle

A hint of what’s to come in publishing and media, the Kindle is yet to really take off in the UK but pundits believe next year could be a different story.

At just over a third of an inch thick and weighing around 10.2 ounces, the Kindle is a veritable mobile library, with the capacity to hold up to 1,500 books. It also has an experimental text-to-speech feature, which means it can read out loud to you (perfect for bedtime stories).

At the moment there are more than 350,000 books available on the Kindle, including many newspapers, magazines and blogs. And its in-built WiFi means you can download them from a variety of locations.

Price: £160

The Brickia

Pointless beyond words, The Brickia plugs into your new phone and allows you to make calls on this 1980s monstrosity. To perfect the look, go for shoulder pads, red braces, a slicked-back Gordon Gekko bouffant and declare ‘lunch is for wimps’ to anyone who cares to listen.

Price: £39

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