Five key tips about starting up an affiliate marketing business

For growing businesses who are looking to get their names out there, affiliate marketing can be a huge benefit. Here we look at how it can help businesses.

If you haven’t investigated the possibility of adopting an affiliate marketing strategy, here’s what you might be interested to know about this form of e-commerce. In a nutshell, it’s often described as a ‘win-win’ scenario because it offers the same degree of minimal risk and maximum potential turnover for the two players in this model – advertiser or retailer and marketer or affiliate.

It’s relatively easy (and cost-free) to sign-up to affiliate programs and once you’re promoting products, you’ll get commission, while the advertiser doesn’t have to fork out for expensive advertising. So if you’ve decided you’d like to give it a go, here are five beginners’ tips.

Decide on your niche

The first thing you’ll need to do before embarking on becoming an affiliate marketer is to undertake some preplanning. Spend some time doing preliminary research on what the current market trends are. You can determine which particular product lines are currently setting the market ablaze, either by performing Internet research or by consulting trade literature.

But it’s not just a case of latching onto whatever products you think are liable to be most lucrative. There is so much more to this type of marketing than simply posting blanks for customers to click through to purchase. It’s all about engagement.

Think about what your current audience is interested in within your blog content. Products connected with whichever topic you are already exploring should form the thrust of your affiliate interests. For instance, if you are blogging about health issues, then you should consider getting into an appropriate niche area.

This might incorporate gym equipment or vitamin supplements or something else relevant to the content that you are already sharing with your readership. In this way, the ads that you will be placing on your website will flow far more organically. Customers do not like to think that they are simply being duped to click on links.

Become the authority

So rather than saturating your web platform with adverts, what you want to do is keep your customers engaged. Whatever the product is that you are promoting, you want to give the impression that you are a voice of authority on the subject. You want to be seen as being trusted when it comes to selling these units.

A great way of getting this message across as to write authoritative reviews. You want people to be spreading the word that you provide the ‘go to’ sales channel for this particular item.

Transparency equals honesty

The basis of affiliate marketing is that the advertiser provides their affiliates with hyperlinks that will take customers to the product pages in order that sales can be affected. But you don’t want to make it too obvious that this is what is happening. It can be tempting to simply post links and wait for people to act on them.

But it would be far better to become transparent about what you are doing, informing customers that you are acting as a third party all along. A spirit of honesty will not affect your potential sales – your customers have got this far, after all. But it will create an air of discretion.

Help out your audience

It can’t be stressed enough that affiliate marketing requires a different mindset than simply a retailer/customer relationship. In much the same way that people choose to connect with social media for friendly conversation rather than seeking to buy anything, you want to be tapping into your potential customer base by offering a helping hand.

So rather than simply plugging a list of products, you want to be seen as a person who they cant rely on if they are seeking a particular service or product. Keep writing excellent product reviews and enthuse about these.


As much as affiliate marketing is an ideal income source for sole traders, there is much to be gained from embracing the affiliate network that already. For instance, you could check out the TopOffers best cpa affiliate program for some invaluable pointers about the best openings for products. Making contact with marketers who are already running successful CPA programs will help you mould your own business strategy.

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