The UK tech jobs that pay six figures

In the past year, the average salary for UK tech workers of all levels was £81,893.

According to jobs site Indeed, the UK is an attractive market for tech workers looking to gain experience. Indeed’s data shows that searches for jobs in Britain from abroad are higher than those searching for EU roles, and those searches have been consistently higher since 2017.

Software development roles are particularly in demand with search volume showing a 7 per cent share in overseas searches, and there is also a 15 per cent Ukrainian interest in the UK for software jobs.

What that means for employers is that they have a wide pool of talent to draw from, and what it means for those working within the tech sector – particularly in software development – is there is a lot of competition for the best jobs.

Glassdoor, the company review website, says that tech workers are a sought-after group, and because they often have multiple offers, companies need to set themselves apart. This plays into the school of thought that “all companies are now tech companies”, and in large part this is true, because businesses of all kinds are embracing technology in order to stay competitive.

The end of tech exceptionality

As we use more technology to make banking transactions, save our documents, or shop online, Glassdoor says we are seeing the end of “tech exceptionality”.

In fact, it says that when it comes to software engineering roles, the top employers are non-traditional tech companies that include JPMorgan Chase and the aerospace and defence company Northrop Grumman.

Glassdoor also suggests that tech candidates looking for new jobs should look to these non-tech competitors who are also hiring for their skills. Because they are competing with firms such as Apple and Google, they often offer more money in order to attract the best talent.

More money is an attractive prospect. In fact, the most recent annual Computer Weekly/TechTarget IT salary survey found that 58 per cent of respondents said earning more money was their top goal.

And when it comes to salaries across 2022 and 2023, the average salary for UK tech jobs at all levels was £81,893. But if you’d like to earn more now, or place yourself in a position to earn upwards into the future, then these jobs are good bets, as identified by another recent salary survey.

#1 – Chief Technology Officer (CTO), up to £165,000

If you’re already working in IT in a managerial position, and have about 15 years’ experience, you could be on your way to this leadership job. To get to CTO, you will need an additional five to seven years’ honing your leadership and business skills.

#2 – Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), up to £158,000

Chief information security officer (CISO) is a leadership position that has become increasingly important. Not just focused on technical IT security, this role also looks at monitoring threats and understanding risk.

To get you there, you could think about this cyber security lead role at an agency client server in London, which pays up to £100,000.

#3 – Solution Architect, up to £103,000

As a solution architect, you’ll design hardware, software, or networking applications and services intended to solve identified problems within a business. To get there, you’ll ideally be working in architecture, project management, or software development and will most likely need a Bachelor’s or postgraduate degree in a relevant field.

Northrop Grumman is seeking a software solutions architect in London, where the pay scale offered is £72,000 to £100,000.

#4 – Head of Product, up to £110,000

Heads of product management are responsible for ensuring the economic success of the company by developing new innovations and markets, and increasing sales and profitability.

BCT Resourcing is looking for a product owner in London for a business software client, which pays between £140,000 and £165,000 a year.

#5 – DevOps Manager, up to £110,750

Excellent communication collaboration skills mark good DevOps managers out. This is a job where you sit between functions and are responsible for maintaining and executing organisational policies and procedures for change management, configuration management, release and deployment management, service monitoring, support and problem management.

Noir Consulting is hiring a remote lead DevOps engineer for a client which is a global innovator and one of the most recognisable names in tech. The job pays up to £140,000 a year.

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Kirstie McDermott works for our job board partner, Jobbio. Based in Dublin, she has been a writer and editor across print and digital platforms for over 15 years.

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Kirstie McDermott

Kirstie McDermott

Kirstie McDermott is Senior Content Manager, Amply at Jobbio.

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