The best products for your office Christmas party

Here, we look at some tips to putting your brand on Christmas goods

Here, we look at some tips to putting your brand on Christmas goods

Christmas is creeping up quicker than we realise, as it does every year, complete with Christmas adverts on the television and shops offering festive products and deals. It’s also that time of year where companies are heading out on the town with each other for their annual Christmas party. Whether you are using your office space for the evening’s celebrations or hiring out a place for the night, you may need to purchase certain essentials to ensure your party is a success and a great night for everyone.

With it being a party for your office, it may even be worth thinking about having your products branded even if it just to bring more of a theme to the night. You could choose from having your company’s logo or slogan or something geared more towards the event itself in order to bring a branded element to the evening.

Any party, especially a Christmas party, wouldn’t be complete with the following few items and you should definitely consider these ideas for your upcoming Christmas party!

Bluetooth Speakers

There is no party without music and no matter where your party is being held, you’re bound to need some decent speakers to provide a bit of entertainment for your guests! Regardless of whether you are in a hired space or just in your office having a few drinks, Bluetooth speakers would be a great addition to the night. This is also a great back up if your office is particularly unorganised and hasn’t managed to source any alternative entertainment!


You can’t have a seasonal party without sprucing the place up a little bit. You could choose from any number of decorations that are Christmas-related, either going all out or just making a few changes to the room. Your usual Christmas-themed decorations are always great, or if you want to go a little different why not choose decorations such as balloons to place around the room which you can also brand with your own logo or phrase.


This is probably one of the first things to think of when throwing a party; your guests will need refreshments but what is a drink without anything to put it in? Supply your party with a range of glasses or even mugs depending on people’s preference! Glasses are an essential product for your party and will most probably be used by every guest there. If you are investing in this sort of thing for your party why not consider having them decorated with a Christmas-themed or company logo for that extra touch?


Everyone loves a little bit of food or just something to snack on while they’re socialising and having a few drinks. Anything from chocolate to sweets to biscuits, or mince pies if you’re really getting into the Christmas theme, would no doubt be welcomed with open arms by your guests. The refreshments you offer could even be displayed as a little take-away item for the attendees as a thank you for coming!

Whatever items you need for your office Christmas party this year, consider having them in line with your company’s imagery or even colour scheme by printing on them. Having something branded can bring a sense of involvement and uniformity to the event and subtly remind everyone of what your company is all about. Companies like Outstanding Branding can help in this way, providing promotional products for your all your needs, whatever they may be!

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda Nair

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