Litestream Ventures unveils plans for ‘click-to-invest’ TV series  

The venture media firm is hoping the series will challenge the likes of Dragons’ Den

Litestream Ventures has revealed plans for an upcoming ‘click-to-invest’ TV series for startups and scaleups focusing on climate change and sustainability. 

The venture media firm is hoping the series, which is currently in development, will challenge the likes of Shark Tank and Dragons’ Den by championing innovators addressing the world’s most pressing challenges. 

Each episode of the upcoming TV series will showcase two innovative businesses tackling global challenges from categories including climate change, saving our oceans, and innovative food solutions. A ‘click-to-invest platform’ will then allow the studio audience of investors to investigate and potentially invest in the showcased businesses, while also providing opportunities to try or purchase their products or services. It offers both the audience and a judging panel of investment funds the opportunity to invest and contribute towards sustainable startups. 

Investment funds including Astanor, Agfunder, The Ecosystem Integrity Fund, Sentient Ventures, Buoyant Ventures, Una Terra Ventures and Sway Ventures have all expressed interest in actively participating in the upcoming TV series.

Litestream Ventures also hosted their Annual Impact Investment Summit at the House of Trust in Davos, during the World Economic Forum. Among those pitching at the casting event in Davos, Thomas Williams of Assisted Living Project emerged as the chosen venture for Litestream Ventures’ upcoming TV series.

Thomas Williams, founder of Assisted Living Project, said: “Winning at the Litestream Investment Summit in Davos is a tremendous honour. Assisted Living Project is determined to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those with enduring illnesses, and this recognition will propel our mission forward.”

Former Dragon on Dragons’ Den, Duncan Banatyne and board member at Assisted Living Project, added: “Assisted Living Project’s well-deserved win reflects their unwavering dedication to making a meaningful difference.”

Litestream Ventures also announced a strategic partnership with Home Grown Club, a London-based member’s club for scaleups and investors.

Founders that attended Litestream’s casting event in Davos include:

Teague Egan from EnergyX – (Revolutionizing Lithium Extraction for a Sustainable Tomorrow.)

Luca Sphere and Lukas Lutz from Sphere Energy Gmbh – (A sustainable future with artificial battery intelligence.)

Darko Mandich from Melibio – (Using science to build a world where humans and bees thrive.)

Daniel Getts from Myeloidtx (A clinical immunology company engineering RNA applications to conquer cancer.)

Dragan Tutic and Alain-Olivier Desbois from Oneka Technologies – (Wave powered desalination).

Chris Cardé and Robert Lasowski from HeyCharge – (Smart EV Charging — without the Internet).

Thomas Williams and Stephen Laszlo from Assisted Living Project – (Housing those who need it most).

Larissa Posner from StyleScan – (AI-Driven Fashion Tech for a Sustainable Future.)

Tee Ganbold from Improvability AI – (Building the world’s most extensive climate data hub, open to all).

Jason Drummond from Medpal AI – (Empowering Healthcare through AI).

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