Human Resources

Business etiquette for buying Christmas gifts

What's appropriate when it comes to giving Christmas gifts? Read on to find out.

Financial Management

How to get ahead before the Christmas break

Here are three ways to get ahead before the Christmas break.

Human Resources

Should you buy your boss a Christmas present?

RAL Display's Greg Lennox discusses whether it’s necessary to buy your boss a Christmas gift, and if so, how much you should spend, as well as providing some gift ideas.

Human Resources

Festive hacks: How to nail working from home this Christmas

Six ways to stay on top of your productivity game when working from home this Christmas.

Growth Planning

Christmas in July: How to prepare for a record-breaking holiday season

OFX's Jake Trask highlights tips for e-commerce start-ups in planning ahead for a successful Christmas.

Growth Planning

Do you have holiday FOMO? 95% of business owners plan to work through Christmas

Are UK business owners just not ready to let go this holiday season because of FOMO - the fear of missing out?

Growth Planning

Why pre-Christmas fulfilment promises could destroy your business

Pre-Christmas delivery promises could have a damaging impact on small and medium sized retailers trying to compete with one-hour delivery windows offered by Amazon and Argos.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Over 21,000 retailers face financial distress this Christmas

21,802 UK retailers are now suffering from ‘significant’ financial distress; 6 per cent higher than at this stage last year. Are revenues from Christmas sales enough to tide them over?

Human Resources

Christmas parties: Are they still relevant for SMEs?

The Christmas party is a tradition as old as the hills: But how can you make sure you get value for money if you still decide to hold it?

Financial Management

How SMEs can manage the Christmas Crunch 

Christmas can be an expensive time for small businesses for various reasons: so can you anticipate and reduce the season's financial impact?


The best products for your office Christmas party

Here, we look at some tips to putting your brand on Christmas goods


Invasion of the Christmas lovers: How to make a seasonal profit

Here, we look at why businesses should get involved in festive cheer.