Tech Innovators 2015: MyCognition

MyCognition are one of the top 20 tech innovators for 2015.

Presenter: Keiron Sparrowhawk

Job title: Founder & Chairman 

Based in: London

Founded in: 2011

No. of Employees: 8

Keiron Sparrowhawk

Keiron Sparrowhawk founded MyCognition in 2011. He sold his first business, PriceSpective in 2012. He has led the UK Chapter of Entrepreneur’s Organisation. Keiron is a renowned global expert in drug development, pricing and market access. He designed and delivered a related Diploma at Cambridge University.

Recent Milestones

  • Patent application in US, Canada & Australia – Adaptive Cognitive Skills Training, March, 2014/15.
  • Published at FENS – Federation of all European Neuroscience Societies in Milan, July 2014 and ISPOR – International Society For Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research in Amsterdam, November 2014.
  • The controlled study of 600 children 11-13 years to enhance their cognition using MyCognition’s first game Monster Valley.
  • Clinical trials – Amsterdam Medical Center, psychiatric trial with 120 patients, which is an exploratory study; Maastricht University Medical Centre 
  • Parkinson’s clinical study, with 300 individuals, which is a phase II study.
  • Identifying students with low cognition and implementing training to rectify underlying issues. The results showed that 8 hours or more of training improved all areas of cognition, class behaviour and test scores.

Upcoming Milestones

  • In September 2015 MyCognition will be launching the Unique website for the parents of Special Educational Needs (SEN) children, entering the consumer market for the first time
  • The development of a new platform is underway to improve reporting and the user experience, to be implemented by Autumn 2015 
  • The cognitive assessment MyCQ will be upgraded later in the year

Background Profile

MyCognition is the world’s first company to integrate cognitive assessment with training. Our assessments are based on 200 years of research and measure the five cognitive domains of cognitive health.

Inside track

MyCognition founder Kieron Sparrowhawk has approached everything in his career from a very personal viewpoint. From his early days in medical research to creating his own business, his deep emotional investment in the subject matter drives him to be the best in his field. 

And with MyCognition he is tackling one of the biggest medical and economic challenges facing the world today – the ticking time bomb of cognitive deterioration in an ageing population. And while brain training is not new per se, Sparrowhawk’s approach does bring something genuinely new and innovative to the table. 

He explains that the business feels like a natural progression for him as he has “always been interested in neuroscience”.

“Seeing the MRI scans as people were playing video games made me think if games could make changes in the brain by accident, what would happen if we tried to direct that change using a scientifically designed game?” he said.

Recent Technology

Consumer payment gateway, including: 

  • Amazon Web Services (hosting)
  • Stripe (for credit card payments)
  • Quaderno (for EU VAT calculation)
  • Ideal Postcodes (for resolving postcodes to addresses)
  • New MyCognition platform will replace existing system. 
  • Improved versions of training products already built on the Unity 3D video game platform.


MyCQ is an assessment that measures the five domains of cognitive health: 

Attention, Episodic Memory, Executive Function, Psychomotor Speed and Working Memory.

Unique is a programme designed for children 8 years+ with Special Educational Needs and behavioural difficulties. It consists of MyCQ and the AquaSnap cognitive training game.

Unique measures and trains the five cognitive domains to help improve behaviour and access to education. Unique is supplied to schools or direct to parents as a consumer product.

Achieve is our programme designed to improve the performance of children aged 8 years and above, of average or higher educational ability. It consists of MyCQ and an advanced version of the AquaSnap cognitive training game. 

Achieve is supplied to schools or direct to parents as a consumer product.

optimize is our assessment and training programme for adults. optimize is used to identify cognitive performance levels and mental health issues in business. In health care optimize is used in randomised clinical trials and direct to patients.


University of Cambridge

Amsterdam Medical Center

Maastricht University Medical Centre 

University of Dundee


To date we are internally funded.

Contact details

Postal address: 25 Moorgate, London, EC2R 6AY

Tel: 020 7272 3709 



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