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Workforce age Diversity – six top tips to tackle the challenges

A workforce comprising four generations presents challenges to employers, which if met can make for an exceptionally happy and successful business. Chris Cook gives six tips to make things work


Rotageek raises £4 million investment led by Mobeus

London and Melbourne-based workplace management software has raised investment to fund business development.

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Workplace bullying: Six ways to deal with a bully at work

Workplace bullying costs businesses billions in lost revenue each year.

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Is your job making you fat and unhappy?

One in three UK professionals say that their jobs are making them fat and unhappy, and may be on the look out for new opportunities in 2018.

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Is it time to ditch KPIs?

Do KPIs and annual reviews need a complete overhaul? If we want better outcomes from our people, let’s bring conversation back into performance review, argues Aurecon’s Jeanette Sanderson.

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How to tackle multi-generations within the workplace

Old or young, we should all be flexible at work says breatheHR's Jonathan Richards.

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80 per cent of UK businesses aren’t prepared for the ageing workforce

Over 50s now form a third of the UK workforce, but three in four older workers feel that employers aren’t doing enough to recruit them.


Tagged and bagged: Would you microchip your staff?

New research has found that over two thirds of the British working population would refuse to wear a microchip if asked by their employer, but is there any scope for this to become a trend?

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Do job descriptions matter when delegating?

Speaking to other business owners, Gemma Harding, head of corporate services at CALLCARE, explores how you can avoid the ‘that’s not my job’ response from employees and delegate tasks effectively.

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Will millennials and Gen Z rule the workforce by 2020?

Here's a look at what makes the youngest segment of the workforce, millennials and Gen Z, tick.

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Are workplace benefits all that complicated?

Are businesses guilty of overcomplicating workplace benefits? From experiential rewards to more substantial perks like extra holidays, here's what works and why.


How efficient workforce scheduling can boost your business growth

From Papa John's to London City Airport, here's how smarter workforce scheduling is fuelling business growth throughout Europe thanks to rapid advancements in workforce management software.