12 of the most exciting tech companies in Reading and Thames Valley

Reading's tech hub is the head of Britain's answer to Silicon Valley, the main centre of the Silicon Corridor or M4 Corridor


12 of the most exciting tech companies in Oxford

Oxford has become a top-notch digital hub, offering much to tech companies by capitalising on its long tradition of world-class innovation

Venture Capital Funding

Draper Esprit raises £110m to invest in tech companies in just three days

Venture capital firm plans separate £309m fund to invest alongside main fund


25 of the most exciting fast growing technology companies in the UK

GrowthBusiness profiles some of the most innovative and fastest-growing technology companies in Britain, ranging from communications and cybersecurity through to medicine and transport


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Cyber Security

5 ways your business can reinforce homeworking cybersecurity

Keeping your business safe while more of us are working from home has never been more imporant. Gregg Knowles of Plan.com shares 5 tips to improve your homeworking cybersecurity

Legislation and Regulation

Government to put brakes on foreign takeovers of UK technology

National Security Investment Bill will make it harder for overseas buyers to acquire sensitive UK technology firms


Is your tech business being affected by coronavirus?

Here are 3 things you can do to protect your tech business and your employees from the sweeping coronavirus pandemic


Tech sector grows six times faster than other businesses, says government

Digital companies contributed £149bn to the economy in 2018 as UK cements position as a leading tech superpower

Venture Capital Funding

Investors plough £9bn into British tech funding in 2019, up nearly 50%

UK pulls ahead of closest rivals Germany and France as investment magnet, despite Brexit uncertainty

Growth Planning

Two thirds of young tech companies planning to raise investment

Hiring talent still biggest obstacle for UK’s booming tech sector, with 80pc hiring staff despite ongoing Brexit turmoil.


6 ways to introduce disruptive technology into your growth business

Shaking up your market with disruptive technology can in turn disrupt your own small business. Chris Cook and Vincent Billings offer six ways to ease the transition