Non-executive directors

PR and Marketing Strategy

Making the most of NEDs

Mark Goodridge, CEO of ER Consultants, examines the qualities of an effective non-executive director.


AIM non-executives poorly managed

Smaller quoted companies, mostly listed on AIM, are failing to manage their non-executive directors (NEDs) effectively, according to research.

Human Resources

Fewer executives on FTSE boards, but pay rises fast

The number of executive directors in FTSE 350 companies has declined for the fifth year running, according to research from advisory firm Deloitte.

Growth Planning

The advantages of recruiting a non-executive director

Because they've done it all before, and usually quite successfully, non-executive directors can supply the experience, advice, diversity and talents your boardroom is probably crying out for.


Beware the boardroom divide – Has the Higgs report been counter-productive?

High-profile corporate scandals at the likes of Enron and Worldcom have led many non-executive directors to become increasingly focused on the policing of management teams to the detriment of strategic planning, according to new research from the Corporate Research Forum and the Performance and Reward Centre.