Non-executive directors

Growth Planning

Can non-executive directors help boost business growth?

C-suite recruitment expert Matthew Roberts shares behind-the-scenes insight as to how non-executive directors can boost business.

Growth Planning

5 reasons you may need a non-executive director

Should you appoint a non-executive director (NED) to help your business? With decades of accomplishments as a non-executive director, executive director and chair, Frank Lewis explains when and why you may need a NED.

Growth Planning

Do you need a non-executive director?

Recruiting a non-executive director can be the key to unlocking growth in your business. Paul Freedman, founding partner of Four Elements Consulting explores how to find and recruit the right one.

Growth Planning

Working with non-executive directors in mid-sized growth companies

What do you look for in a non-executive director (NED)? Below are some of the qualities the best NEDs can bring to your business.

Growth Planning

Why a non-executive advisor may be just the tonic your growth strategy needs

Alex Arnot, a non-executive board advisor to a range of SME organisations, outlines six reasons why you can't afford NOT to appoint one.


Non-executive directors valued

Non-executive directors are still bringing value to a company, but could do more, new research shows.


How non-executive directors can help with business development and succession

As non-executive directors play a progressively more influential role in how businesses grow, Caroline Belcher, partner and head of the exit planning practice at Cavendish Corporate Finance looks at what they can bring particularly to the sale process.


Non-executive pay in Europe fails to grow during 2012

Salaries for non-executive directors across Europe are remaining frozen as they track the restraint shown in executive pay, research finds.


The growing importance of non-execs

Steven Fine, managing partner at advisory firm Peel Hunt, looks at how the role of non-executive directors has changed and the value they can now bring to business.


More risk means more reward say PE chairmen

An increasing number of chairmen and non-executive directors (NEDs) of private equity firms are taking a more active role in management teams, new research shows.


Regularly ‘refresh’ company non-executives

Non-executive directors should be regularly ‘refreshed’ and have direct experience in the industry of the company they are advising, research finds.

Venture Capital Funding

Are non-executives non-essential?

Received wisdom about the role of non-executive directors is being challenged, writes Alex Macpherson of Octopus Ventures.