Mobile Apps


Food waste app Too Good To Go gets another £5m from existing investors

Company aims to have 50m users by the end of 2020.


Japanese fintech investor puts £2m into mobile currency trading app

Pipster says that Japanese investment shows confidence in Britain post-Brexit


Business technology: Three choices for growing businesses to consider

Here's how GPS trackers, APIs and online payment systems can help your business scale.


Entrepreneur interview: Sachin Dev Duggal, co-founder of Engineer.ai

The co-founder of engineer.ai wants firms to develop their own apps using his programme which he says requires little or no tech skills.


Entrepreneur interview: Justin Hsu, CEO of MarcoPolo Learning

The edtech chief on why he set up an interactive learning app for children and lessons learnt when fundraising.


Gardening: The fastest growing UK businesses

As the sun shines on Britain's gardens, here are three gardening-based businesses finding a gap in the market.

Alternative Finance for Business

Personalised IT recruitment firm breaks crowdfunding target

The platform has signed up Marks & Spencer, Reed and Adecco to its service since August 2017.


10 essential ingredients for great enterprise apps

PocketApp's Paul Swaddle outlines 10 essential elements that can help developers create more than just a good business app, but a great enterprise mobile app.


Dating apps setting the agenda for digital innovation

Amit Jay Shah, CEO of HIROLA Group, explores how dating apps are on the cutting edge of digital innovation.


‘Application sprawl’: Why most UK employees use over 12 apps to communicate

With the average UK employee using around 12 apps to communication, here's why application sprawl is hampering office productivity.

Growth Planning

Go mobile or go home: why customer service needs to step it up

Mobile is everything now, which is why customer service needs to catch up or risk getting left behind. ClickSoftware's Alec Berry writes.


Mobile commerce is king: Bijou Commerce

Olly Cooper, founder of enterprise SaaS platform Bijou Commerce, speaks to GrowthBusiness about mobile apps, e-commerce and how Tinder revolutionised user interface.