Human Resources

Q&A: Autocratic management and bullying

What can I do if my boss is sarcastic and puts me down a lot in front of my colleagues? I'm not sure it constitutes bullying but it is really getting to me and affecting my work, which makes it worse.


Momentum management – Keep raising the bar

It's not unusual to want to keep improving standards, after all, the majority of people want to improve their living standards each year and hopefully, they see a connection between that and what they do at work. However, the school of momentum management takes that a bit further.


Growing through momentum management

Momentum management is a term I've developed for a set of winning principles for emerging enterprises and fast-growth businesses. At its heart is the use of speed and mobility (and the creation of an aura of achievement) as a substitute for the scale and processes that much larger competitors possess.


The sweet scent of success

Speed, mobility, a climate of expectation and a unique dictatorship are the key planks of momentum management. And they can transform your business, says Chris Ingram.

Growth Planning

Goldmajor blazes a trail

Bob Rontaler is CEO of jewellery firm Goldmajor, which he founded in 1985. Goldmajor distributes own branded collections as well as selected high street brands like Pierre Cardin. This year, Rontaler expects sales to reach £2.5 million.


Karren Brady: Transforming a failing football club

Birmingham City Football Club now has an enviable reputation – both on and off the pitch. Managing director Karren Brady tells GrowthBusiness how she instilled a culture of success in a perennially depressed venture.


Penny Streeter’s tough decisions at Ambition 24

The right decisions are not always the best ones, explains Penny Streeter, founder of Ambition 24. The company provides nurses and carers on a last-minute basis and has a turnover of over £50 million.