Happy in the heat – How SMEs can work smart this summer

Here are some tips for SMEs to make the most of the rest of the summer.


How to influence without authority

Being able to influence others without relying on authority can be an invaluable skill, says Stephen Archer.


Why it’s time to apply responsive web design principles to business

As technology develops to accommodate the much-hyped ‘internet of things’ and the virtues of a single universal code which can be read across multiple devices take centre stage; Ray Kieser, group managing director of SGK, considers how people in business first need to develop a code that helps them talk to each other – understood from the boardroom to the production line.


Good, but not great

The internet revolution has redefined what 'great' is when it comes to business.

Human Resources

How to hire your first country manager

Peter Linas, international managing director of recruitment software provider Bullhorn, advises how to find and hire a successful country manager.


Keep an eye on all aspects of the business

Despite recruiting someone specifically to do office-based operational support, Raj Sukkersudha, managing director of Q3 Internet Services, ended up having to repair the errors of his new hire.


Finance heads predict the end for CIOs

Despite information technology becoming increasingly important for companies, the role of CIOs is predicted to change by business leaders.


Good manager, bad manager

They’re the fulcrum of a company on a fast growth trajectory. But they're also adept at playing politics and keeping the boss happy. So what makes a good middle manager and how do you spot a bad one?


Football and man management 

In my last blog I said there was precious little you could learn about business from a football club.


Hargreaves: coal-fired ambition

In less than a decade, Gordon Banham has transformed Hargreaves Services from a Durham haulage company to a diversified support services and energy group delivering consistent turnover and profit growth.

Human Resources

What makes a good interim manager?

Unlike consultants, interim managers can implement change. However, given the current set-up of the profession, do companies really know what expertise they're hiring?

Growth Planning

Using interim managers as post-deal reinforcements

Once the deal has been sealed, interim managers can ensure it delivers on its initial objectives, says recruitment specialist Archer Mathieson.