Legislation and Regulation

3 things you need to know about whistleblowing

Whistleblowing can be terrifying if you don't know your rights, here is everything you need to know about blowing the whistle.


6 ways to jump-start your business – how to cope when things go wrong

It’s easy to pretend nothing’s wrong when your business is veering off course. Businesswoman Haylee Benton shares 6 tips to ensure you steer your business away from any rocks

Growth Planning

What is OKR? – how to avoid the magpie effect when scaling your business

We’ve all done it. Been sidetracked by a new, shiny thing taking our eye off our real business objective. You need Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to stay focused, says Roger Longden


Are you a Ma or Musk? How to fine-tune your management style

Deciding on a management style can be difficult - which one do you go for? I explore two different methods to help you choose.

Private equity

Interview: Tim Smallbone, Partner at Inflexion Private Equity Partners

The partner explains how the firm values companies, why some deals fail and how businesses are like Premier League footballers and teams.

Private equity

Why a good CFO is mission-critical in private equity-backed businesses

Miles Otway, partner at private equity firm Connection Capital explains why a CFO is essential for a company that wants PE backing.

Human Resources

Need to knows: Scaling up your customer service provision

Mandy Holford, director of customer service firm Echo-U, explains how company's can use technology without sacrificing on service.


Six management mistakes you SHOULD NOT copy from Trump

Management training experts at STL have taken a look into Trump's management style and found six mistakes business owners or leaders should not follow.

Human Resources

Managing introverts at work: 5 little-known facts

Decades worth of data from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment reveals a glimpse into what makes introverts tick.

Exit Strategies

Chair of a classic car restoration company hands over business to staff

Peter Neumark has owned and chaired Classic Motor Cars Ltd for 23 years, and after taking the business to great heights, has handed it over to his employees.


Which Olympic sport mirrors your management style?

With the Olympics underway, which of these top five athletic archetypes fits you best?|With the Olympics underway, which of these top five athletic archetypes fits you best?


Managing your elders

20-year-old Jordan Daykin is no stranger to the challenges that come with being a young entrepreneur.