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Five up-and-coming UK fintechs worth putting on your radar

The UK is a hub for fintechs. Here are the up-and-coming UK fintech companies worthy of an introduction…

Venture Capital Funding

Venture capital jobs – what to expect working for a VC

What job roles are available in venture capital? What does it involve day-to-day and how do you get into the industry?


3 open roles at companies with a great culture fit 

It's essential to balance culture fit with diversity and inclusion efforts to ensure a healthy and productive workplace.


3 unicorn companies hiring now

25 UK companies became unicorns in 2021 – the largest concentration of new unicorns to date


Career moves – a Growth Business round-up

This quarter saw moves to Manchester-based VC Praetura Ventures, Northern Gritstone and fintech Nucleus


A guide to the Pennines tech hub

Thanks to a wealth of universities and financial services, the Pennines is a tech hub home to the highest number of fintechs outside London


3 key skills you’ll need to succeed in a tech start-up

There were 38,240 tech firms incorporated in 2021. Here are three key skills you’ll also need to succeed at a start-up.

Human Resources

GrowthBusiness teams up with Jobbio to help find your next great job

GrowthBusiness joins forces with Jobbio to offer tech start-ups and investors the latest job postings, taking your career up to the next level


Why scale ups have funding concerns – new report

Here, Sam Smith, CEO of broker FinnCap explains why CEOs of growth business are finding it hard to navigate the funding landscape.


Digital tailors and memory curators: 21 jobs of the future revealed

Jobs from our parents’ generation may in time seem ridiculous to our children, says futurist.

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Annual bonuses: which jobs pay the highest?

Here, we list the industries with the highest annual bonuses and what companies should be aware of when gifting holiday bonuses.

Growth Planning

Can offshoring destroy jobs or boost the economy?

Since the global financial crisis in 2007, researchers found offshoring led to an uplift in employment for the company on its home soil.