Human Resources

What industries are creating the most and least jobs in the UK?

The global job market is changing, but which are the industries creating the most AND least jobs in the UK?

Human Resources

3 in 4 disabled jobseekers overlooked: slow progress since 2015

The number of disabled jobseekers held back by hiring biases has declined since 2015, but it's not all good news. A new report identifies the top inclusive measures.


Will AI steal all our jobs?

Artificial intelligence will create more jobs than it replaces. Gareth Davies of Kwiziq explains why AI enhanced education could be the key.

Growth Planning

Millions of future jobs at risk from poor business advice

Millions of jobs in the coming years now depend on modernising the advice given by business advisers and mentors to fledgling entrepreneurs and school leavers.

Human Resources

IT jobs account for one third of all vacancies in London

Tech experts are the most sought after in London, with IT jobs accounting for 28.4 per cent of all vacancies in the last two years.


Why responsible leadership is critical in a future where robots take our jobs

With large numbers of employees set to lose jobs to AI and robotics, only responsible leadership can manage these changes effectively, according to experts from a roundtable.

Human Resources

Which jobs are most likely to cause a burn-out?

A new study reveals that junior professionals are most at risk of burn-out, and as expected, burn-outs are more common in sectors entailing long working hours, with the surprising exception of banking.

Growth Planning

The top 5 job roles in demand across North West England

Here are the top jobs in demand in the North West, according to research from Clayton Recruitment.


Truth may be stranger than science fiction: The ten hottest jobs of 2025

Are we just a decade away from hiring space tour guides and freelance biohackers? If so, what are some of the growth sectors to watch out for in 2025?


Young people failing to match expectation of employers

Despite businesses placing a heavy emphasis on relevant work experience, a quarter of young people do not possess the contacts necessary to secure placements or internships.