PR and Marketing Strategy

Five micro-influencers that could boost your business

Generation Z relates to online influencers more so than traditional celebrities. Here's five of the best technology micro-influencers for your tech brand to work with


Influencer platform raises £3 million in Series B funding

London-based influencer company aims to head into US market and develop platform further.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Why use Instagram and Facebook for business?

Lee Carlin, co-founder and director of The Intern Group explains how his firm is using Instagram and video content to spread the message to users.

PR and Marketing Strategy

How to find the right influencer for your e-commerce brand

Working with smaller, more targeted influencers could be better value for your brand in the long-run.


Channeling Instagram for start-up success

That a team of 13 could build a business worth $1 billion should be the inspiration that all entrepreneurs need.


Instant billion

For a company which has 13 staff and appears to make no money, a $1 billion price-tag is the kind of valuation dreams are made of.